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Black Gold
Black Spice
Black Spice (Silver Spice x G13 x Black Widow) is the newest addition to the Spice line. Two very potent Silver Spice (Endles...
2 reports
Tal, Smiley Culture
Bubbleberry F2
Originally from Blueberry Female X Bubblegum Male. Second generation cross. Will produce heavy purple/deep red buds. Easy ...
1 report
Crazy Daze
Da Bomb
Da Bomb - A very short and squat GBW (G13 x Black Widow) was the Mother for this Hybrid. The same C99 male that was used for ...
1 report
Morning Dew
Endless Sky x Cinderella 99
Orange Spice
A super resinous Double G (G13xHP x Gum13HP) female, was crossed with a stocky, trichome coated White Widow Male via Dutch Pa...
Panama Powerhouse
My Panama Red Mother is a fairly quick finisher indoors, usually finishing in about 95-100 days. But, she leaves little doubt...
Red Widow-13
1 report
Silver Spice
Indoor I used the same sweet smelling Orange Spice stud that was used for the OS F2 line, and crossed it to my best Endles...
Smoka Cola
Star Gazer female crossed with a G13 x Black Widow male
Willems Wonder female gets banged by Sour Diesel. Expect lots of smell, lots of yield and incredible potency!
Star Gazer
Sunshine Daydream
Most Sunshine Daydream ladies will finish in 50-55 days, with the odd one that will go 60 days. The smoke is very sweet to th...
1 report
Windowpane Watson
Super Silver Spice
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