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Big Bud Seeds from Hemcy Seed Company

  Grower reports: 1  Viewed: 37,033 times  Rated by 1 user: 7.43/10
'Big Bud' from Hemcy Seed Company
LineageBig Bud Hybrid
FamilyUnknown or mixed family
OriginNot Listed
RegionNot Listed
GenotypeNot Listed
Indoor Maturation40 to 45 days
Outdoor MaturationNot Listed
Sex PossibilitiesStandard (M/F)
StatureNot Listed
YieldNot Listed
Odor LevelNot Listed
Odor DescriptionNot Listed
Taste LevelNot Listed
Taste DescriptionNot Listed

  Breeder's Description - 'Big Bud'
This 'bad boy special' from the Netherlands has enormous buds with an astonishing amount of THC. It grows to medium height and has a remarkable sweet taste. Big Bud is an absolute best-selling homogenous strain with a very high yield. Early flowering, best flower to leaf ratio. A must for the commercial grower.

  Grower Report - Daego on May 31, 2004, 10:06 am  

Overall Rating7  EffectNicely balanced
Potency7  StatureAverage size

Easy growing, great yielding strain. Very stable as almost all plants looked identical. Flowered for 90 days before getting the desired milky/amber trich color.

Taste was out of this world, as I said earlier it lingered in your mouth after smoking. Quantity vs Quality, produces a ton but however
Marijuana Seeds Review: Hemcy Seed Company - 'Big Bud'