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Super Thai x Skunk Seeds from High Quality Seeds

  Grower reports: 2  Viewed: 96,904 times  Rated by 2 users: 8.14/10
'Super Thai x Skunk' from High Quality Seeds
LineageThai x Skunk
FamilyUnknown or mixed family
OriginNot Listed
RegionNot Listed
GenotypeMixed, primarily Sativa
Indoor Maturation80 to 85 days
Outdoor MaturationOct 15 to Oct 31
Sex PossibilitiesStandard (M/F)
StatureVery tall and lanky
YieldNot Listed
Odor LevelNot Listed
Odor DescriptionNot Listed
Taste LevelNot Listed
Taste DescriptionNot Listed

  Breeder's Description - 'Super Thai x Skunk'
Composition: 75% sativa, 25% indica
Flowering-Time: 9-12 weeks
Environment: Fit for inside, outside, and greenhouse cultivation
Appearance: A tall, slender and slim plant
Smell/Taste: A surprising high up!
Height: Tall
Yield: 200-500 gr.
Harvest-Time: 15 October
Origin: Thailand and California
Type: F1 hybrid

  Grower Report - zeppelindood on April 13, 2004, 11:39 pm  
Super Thai x Skunk from High Quality Seeds rated 8.43  

Overall Rating8  EffectAll in the head
Potency9  StatureSomewhat tall and lanky
Yield8  PhenotypeMixed, primarily Sativa
Ease8  Indoor65 to 70 days
Appearance9  OutdoorNot Listed
Odor Level7  Odor: Like sweet tarts
Taste Level9  Taste: Classic creamy Thai with a light Skunk undertone.
Grower's Tilt9  SexesStandard (M/F)
SI RatingNot Listed Vintage: April, 2003

This lady went on autogrow at week three when she went under 12/12. She was all bud! A rare leaf. Only problem was she was top heavy (is that a problem?) so I strung her up for about half of her budding. She is very pretty, a great look to her as Thai dominates this plant in taste as well. A bargain in my book! Very similer to "classic" Thai weed from 1980-1985 or so. YUMMMMMMM, leammmmme vap some up now.
  Garden Information for this report  
Bloom Wattage Used410w to 1000w
Average Plant Height75
Plants per Sq. Foot1.00
Average Yield per Plant1.50
Pruning or Plant StylePerpetual Harvest
Fertilization MethodOrganically fed

I have a full basement divided into quad rooms. Enjoyed growing this plant with Humatech's Organic Advantage, which is a 12-12-6 1% mixture. She seemed to like it too. Germinated 5 seeds to get 2 females. Veg room has four 3200 lumen flos. Flower room has 800w MH surrounded by mirrors. Watering once daily, with Organic Advantage every 4 waterings.

High Quality Seeds said 9 to 12 weeks. She took 65 days... Nice research...

Report added by: zeppelindood

  Grower Report - Moco on May 12, 2005, 6:28 am  

Overall Rating8  EffectSomewhat heady
Potency9  StatureSomewhat tall and lanky

I sewed five seeds and got 3 females of three different phenotypes.
1. Skunk dominant
2. 50/50 Mix
3. Thai dominant

1. The Skunk dominant was the second most potent of the weed, and probably would have been the heaviest producing of all the plants. It shared its side of the garden with the tha

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Marijuana Seeds Review: High Quality Seeds - 'Super Thai x Skunk'