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Afghani Special
The intoxicating scent of this lovely Afghani lady is almost as captivating as her paralyzing stone. For reasons not entirely...
Bahia Black Head
Her name may sound like a skin condition, but you would be wise not to cancel this date. She is, after all, a bushy Brazilian...
2 reports
stevematthewsuk, billk6969
 Brazil X KC
This sativa-indica hybrid is a happy producer indoors or out. The taste of these tight, incapacitating buds has fruity accent...
1 report
 California Original
Emerald Triangle lineage with a little skunk thrown in for good measure. Another versatile plant that thrives indoors or out,...
Crystal Limit
Here's a delightful little indica even the brownest thumb can successfully grow, inside or out. At harvest time, you will be ...
 Crystal Paradise
The paternal Brazilian heritage gives this ambitious indica/sativa hybrid a rich taste and intense high, but its vigor and he...
1 report
 Cyber Cristal
Its short stature and fast flowering (eight weeks indoors) make Cyber Crystal a painless grow for the lazy closet grower, but...
 Haze Special
This is the kind of smoke that works great for kicking off the weekend. This sativa-indica hybrid makes everything alright, e...
3 reports
-G, medjool, WidowKat
 KC 33
A Dutch-strain, cultivated for years, we have crossed with Thai and Brazil male plants. KC 33 is further developed for outdoo...
3 reports
snatch, schwenny69, Grasgott
 KC 36
More production for every square meter! Parents of this success product are kept secret. K.C.36 is a short, stocky plant that...
1 report
 Leda Uno
KC, Brazilian and Thai genetics form the bulk of this sativa/indica (60/40) hybrid. Indoor growers who enjoy working with big...
2 reports
beatle, dankfrank
Afghani and KC-33 lines combine for one of the tastiest indicas you're likely to ever grow. She'll have you horizontal in no ...
3 reports
WeedZilla, croman58, DJ Cowlick
 Mind Bender
The parents of this plant are a double K.C.2 with a K.C.33 and an Afghani. This plant which could turn red, has sweet buds an...
1 report
 Northern Light Special The Original
Short, sweet and fast, this internationally influential strain has a smooth, spicey-to-peppery taste and an indica growing ha...
6 reports
tokinshitload, ganjagirl dq...
The SPONTANICA. is great for outdoor cultivation. Indoor is this crossed between SECRET PROJECT NUMBER 1 and a K.C. 33 also...
 Sweet Dreams
This lovely indica-dominant beauty yields a bounty of flavorful, earthy, monster buds after six to nine weeks flowering indoo...
1 report
This mostly sativa hybrid finishes fairly quickly indoors at 7-10 weeks flowering, but readily acclimates to outdoor conditio...
Crossed with a KC indica, this killer Thai hybrid maintains its sun-worshipping ways and rewards the patient outdoor grower w...
1 report
 White KC
Noble lines of the White Widow, Afghani and KC33 merge to create this spectacular resin-coated beauty, ideal for hash enthusi...
Recently added reports for KC Brains
KC 33 from KC Brains by Grasgott
KC 33 from KC Brains by schwenny69
Sweet Dreams from KC Brains by hydrogrunt
Mango from KC Brains by DJ Cowlick
Northern Light Special The Original from... by Ozimandius
Crystal Paradise from KC Brains by WidowKat
Bahia Black Head from KC Brains by billk6969
Haze Special from KC Brains by WidowKat
Northern Light Special The Original from... by Crabs
Northern Light Special The Original from... by doppey
Brazil X KC from KC Brains by WidowKat
Northern Light Special The Original from... by doonugstem
Mango from KC Brains by croman58
Bahia Black Head from KC Brains by stevematthewsuk
Mind Bender from KC Brains by cronic_001
Haze Special from KC Brains by medjool
Northern Light Special The Original from... by ganjagirl dq
KC 33 from KC Brains by snatch
Haze Special from KC Brains by -G
TNR from KC Brains by medjool

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