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Highend Seeds from Legends Seeds

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'Highend' from Legends Seeds
LineageNot Listed
FamilyUnknown or mixed family
OriginNot Listed
RegionNot Listed
GenotypeNot Listed
Indoor MaturationNot Listed
Outdoor MaturationNot Listed
Sex PossibilitiesStandard (M/F)
StatureNot Listed
YieldNot Listed
Odor LevelNot Listed
Odor DescriptionNot Listed
Taste LevelNot Listed
Taste DescriptionNot Listed

  Breeder's Description - 'Highend'
Ahhhhh René, Where to truly begin with such a strain. Here in Vancouver British Columbia, is where I was to first come across this strain. A good friend at the time was growing large quantities of it, and was generous enough to give me his trim. The hash that was extracted from this trim was far superior to anything that was filling my bowl. We were all of course, just learning about the wonders of water extracted hashish, i.e. iceolator, bubblehash,etc. So the timing was perfect. The strain it was said, came from Montreal, and was named after the gentlemen who either bred, or acquired it. The genetics were said to be a Himalayan sativa crossed with an extremely pungent Skunk #1 male. Now for me, I cannot guarantee that lineage at all, as it was a story. What I can say about René, is that it holds that magical property I like to call THE FUNK. I've seen it in the Dank Ass Bitch(aka DAB), as well in the Cheese(that's all the rage in the UK right now), and the Sour Diesel. I'm not saying these strains tasted alike at all, but it had this funk within its profile. To me, this makes a strain extra special. The melt factor on the René was, from the first day, jaw opening. Most of the people I was turning onto this René hash had never seen this type of quality. When posted on sites like Overgrow and Cannabis World, people believed it was a hoax. My excitement to be writing this is overwhelming, as I have smoked nothing but René bubblehash for over two years. This was the first two years I was in business with my bubblebag company , and those pictures of René bubblehash were integral in the timing of this all taking off. It has been almost five years now since we began this long strange trip, and I am very happy to be announcing here at Legends that the good old boys have acquired the original René, which is really what I am here to authenticate. As I am certain in the next few years you will be seeing a lot of Rene cross's as well as perhaps a pure René, coming out in seed form. However , if it is not from Legends Seeds one should, in the least proceed with caution. The first strains the boys are releasing with René genes involved, are some wonderful cross's with DJ Shorts Blueberry male( the one that was used for his latest line). I Look forward to bubbling up some of the material from these seeds in the near future, and I'm certain I will be giving a full melt clear dome certification on top of the authenticity of the René genes that the good people at Legends Seeds have chosen to use. Give thanks to those that do this good work, in order to put the rest of you in a position where you can simply order. Rene is without a doubt one of my favourite ganja strains, and definitely my all time favourite hash making strain. Full melt, oh yeah all the way! !
- Bubble Man

Indoor-9 weeks
Outdoor-late September\early October

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Marijuana Seeds Review: Legends Seeds - 'Highend'