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Jack Herer Seeds from Sensi Seeds

  Grower reports: 8  Viewed: 382,379 times  Rated by 8 users: 7.74/10
'Jack Herer' from Sensi Seeds
LineageNot Listed
FamilyUnknown or mixed family
OriginNot Listed
GenotypeMixed, primarily Sativa
Indoor Maturation60 to 65 days
Outdoor MaturationNot Listed
Sex PossibilitiesStandard (M/F)
StatureSomewhat tall and lanky
Odor Level9
Odor DescriptionOverwhelming smell if played with
Taste Level9
Taste DescriptionExcellent taste

  Breeder's Description - 'Jack Herer'
This multiple hybrid is the result of many years of selective breeding, combining 3 of the strongest varieties known to man. Even though we are regularly put under pressure by obsessed growers to give pedigree details, I'm afraid that just as with the Coca Cola recipe this Sensi variety will have to remain a secret. This variety produces so much resin that even the branches bristle with stalked glands. This strain was presented at the High Times Cannabis Cup in honour of Jack Herer, one of America's greatest Cannabis activists and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

High Times Magazine: ...continued

  Grower Report - Hubbs on September 2, 2003, 12:51 pm  

Overall Rating8  EffectNicely balanced
Potency8  StatureAverage size

It has been my favorite plant to grow (up to this point), and it has been very easy to clone and grow with consistent results (assuming you attain a plant with a good phenotype). It is important to note that out of 10 planted seeds, 5 were female, but only 2 of those held up to the "Jack Herer" name ...continued

  Grower Report - highsuspekt on September 5, 2003, 9:57 pm  

Overall Rating7  EffectVaried effects
Potency9  StatureSomewhat tall and lanky

I started out with four seeds as a kick down (original Sensi Seeds stock) from a fellow grower friend. Ended with with two very similar females, one hermie (discarded), and a male. Very picky during veg for ferts (hence the 6 for ease of growth), budding was a charm. When I cut and started the cure ...continued

  Grower Report - Tribal Shaman on June 3, 2004, 8:05 pm  

Overall Rating8  EffectNicely balanced
Potency9  StatureAverage size

Everything about this plant was interesting. I have been growing some Tribal Skunk for a year now and everything compared to it is difficult. Jack was a bit picky with ferts at first but when I adjusted the dosage things went OK. The smell of this plant is fabulous, I really enjoyed it. The plant it ...continued

  Grower Report - Schmourz on February 17, 2005, 1:01 pm  

Overall Rating8  EffectSomewhat heady
Potency9  StatureSomewhat tall and lanky

A friend gaves me a clone from his Sensi Seeds' Jack Herer mother. I let it grow as a mother plant then cut some clones. It was the Haze pheno so you know, the pheno which is the true Jack Herer.
This plant does not like too much ferts during vegetative grow, in fact she's a bit picky. During the f

  Grower Report - vdubber on April 23, 2005, 10:02 am  

Overall Rating8  EffectSomewhat heady
Potency10  StatureAverage size

I received this strain as a clone from a friend. The friend had started it for seed. I grew for a while in soil next to the rest of my plants. Recently I did a garden of completely Jack, and it was sure imressive. I vegged in DWC for 30 days followed by 70-75 days in flowering. This was under 2 ...continued

  Grower Report - HempKat on August 5, 2005, 5:27 am  
Jack Herer from Sensi Seeds rated 9.14  

Overall Rating9  EffectNicely balanced
Potency9  StatureAverage size
Yield10  PhenotypeMixed, Indica / Sativa
Ease10  Indoor70 to 75 days
Appearance9  OutdoorNot Listed
Odor Level7  Odor: Very unique somewhat minty sort of odor
Taste Level9  Taste: Hard to describe sort of like minty grapefruit odd at first but very tasty once you get used to it
Grower's Tilt10  SexesStandard (M/F)
SI RatingNot Listed Vintage: March, 2003

This plant was surprisingly ease to grow considering I had heard several reports before how it was very temperamental to grow. Thru out the grow it was easily the most lush densely populated, tallest growing plants. The also surprised me in I had heard these were average yielders and yet they were my best yielding even better then Big Bud. Trichome development was fairly dense and crystally with short stalks and bulbous gland heads. The smell and taste is unlike anything I've had before. So odd that at first it's almost a turn off but I found myself quickly enjoying it. Very nice, deep, long lasting high.
  Garden Information for this report  
Bloom Wattage Used410w to 1000w
Average Plant Height84
Plants per Sq. Foot2.00
Average Yield per Plant5.10
Pruning or Plant StyleTree
Fertilization MethodOrganically fed

Three strain grow, 2 females each of Big Bud, Jack Herer and Master Kush. Soil is a mixture of generic enriched potting soil (with a slightly better blend of nutrients then Miracle Grow) with perlite, vermiculite and dolomite lime added. Veg ferts used as recommended using Ionic Grow for Soil and Coco supplemented on occassion with superthrive (usually at transplant) Growroom is 5' x 8' x 8' walls lined with mylar, themps controlled by air conditioning and ventilation, humidity controlled by monitor and dehumidifier, light was 2 x 800W MH HIDs suspended 12 inches above the plants in veg (18 inches the first two weeks). 1000W top air cooled HPS HID during flower high efficiency furnace blower for air cooling and also active exhaust with a passive intake to fresh cool air, lights were suspended 18" above plants. Plants started from seed germed in paper towel and water sprouted in one gallon pots ferts started in third to fourth week of veg and administered according to directions. SuperThrive used at transplants which occurred at 5 weeks veg into 3 gallon buckets and again at week 10 into 5 gallon buckets. Water and soil ph maintained at a steady 6.5 watered approximately every three to four days. 16 inch oscillating fan provided air circulation. Ferts used in flower were Ionic Bloom and Ionic Bloom Boost also applied as directed.

Report added by: HempKat

  Grower Report - assasukasse on August 7, 2005, 10:38 am  

Overall Rating7  EffectSomewhat heady
Potency9  StatureAverage size

I started to grow an hybrid with White Rhino provided by a breeder for me to test.
The beans were fresh so 100% of them sprouted, but i kept only 3 females, one of them was discarded since showed too much indica pheno, but the other two were growed in my growroom: a somewhat small like hell box wit

  Grower Report - froggy on December 2, 2005, 8:29 pm  

Overall Rating8  EffectSomewhat couchlock
Potency10  StatureSomewhat tall and lanky

Very nice strain,, they veg part was done outside and move inside for the flowering stage. Enormus strech in the first 2 weeks, 70 days and could be little longer for that pheno. never grow something so potent.

Careful with nutes, very sensitive to nutrient burn.

Marijuana Seeds Review: Sensi Seeds - 'Jack Herer'