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Mothers Finest Seeds from Sensi Seeds

  Grower reports: 4  Viewed: 251,639 times  Rated by 4 users: 8.32/10
'Mothers Finest' from Sensi Seeds
LineageNot Listed
FamilyUnknown or mixed family
OriginNot Listed
GenotypeMixed, Indica / Sativa
Indoor Maturation60 to 65 days
Outdoor MaturationNot Listed
Sex PossibilitiesStandard (M/F)
StatureSomewhat tall and lanky
YieldNot Listed
Odor LevelNot Listed
Odor DescriptionNot Listed
Taste Level6
Taste DescriptionNot Listed

  Breeder's Description - 'Mothers Finest'
Every mother will tell you she doesn't have a favourite, but add this strain to your collection, and you'll have trouble deciding on your favourite mother. An Indica-Sativa cross, as funky as they come. Don't be fooled by the shorter flowering times and heavier yields of Mothers Finestģ, her Sativa breeding are evident from the first toke.

Flowering: 50-70 days.
Height: 140-160 cm.
Yield: up to 120 gr.

  Grower Report - The Medicine Man on August 18, 2003, 1:08 am  

Overall Rating9  EffectAll in the head
Potency10  StatureAverage size

Motherís Finest won the cup in 2002 for best Sativa. Itís a cross between Haze, Jack Herer and a secret strain that Sensi says is a Juicy Fruit relative.

Motherís Finest caught my interest because it won the Sativa cup and it has an impressive heritage. It turned out to be the best Haze hybrid Ií

  Grower Report - PerhapsYourGiddyAunt on September 14, 2003, 9:25 pm  
Mothers Finest from Sensi Seeds rated 8.00  

Overall Rating8  EffectVaried effects
Potency9  StatureSomewhat tall and lanky
Yield8  PhenotypeMixed, primarily Sativa
Ease7  Indoor60 to 65 days
Appearance8  OutdoorNot Listed
Odor Level7  Odor: Juicy Fruit gum and citrus to Haze
Taste Level8  Taste: Varied
Grower's Tilt9  SexesStandard (M/F)
SI RatingNot Listed Vintage: Not Listed

The phenotypic expression was wide and varied but all were very obviously sisters and brothers. If I had the space they would have kept a few of the males as they were big and handsome with already enticing stem smells.

Out of 12 seeds, 7 were female, all were large and liked to branch, all continued to grow in height well into budding and 5 of them had running tips. One, which they ended up calling the Jack Herer pheno, had tips that ran by up to eight inches off the main bud mass (although this could have been compounded by the tips getting too close to the light and stretching from heat stress).

One lady was finished in 50 days but the taste and high was not what I was looking for and it didn't clone well. Three of the ladies were still going strong at 65 days and were cut because of needed space, so it is hard to report accurately on their true high and taste. One looked and smelled like Thai, was very lanky and needed at least 3 more weeks in bud so the high of the dry bud was not developed. The same can be said for the other 2 that needed more time but they were huge with massive loose broom like buds that also needed a few weeks to finish but would have finished alot larger than the Thai pheno.

The 3 that came down on 60 days were the contenders for keepers, the JH pheno mentioned before was out because of its running tips and one had a crazy paranoia inducing high and not much taste, so that was out.

The pheno I kept had fully developed trichomes at 60 days, didn't have running tips, had the taste and high I was looking for (although I didn't know it until I found it) and cloned well. the absence of running tips meant the bud had a much closer structure than the others and much better dried apperance. The initial nose is of astringant citrus with a creamy after note, the taste has a Haze type then citrus bite but maintains the creamy after taste of the aroma. The high seems to have a very high ceiling, so you just get higher and higher, very cerebral very though enabaling. If you smoke loads you end up on manic speedlike missions but in no way is this unplesant as the high seems very reassuring and safe.

All this in a sixty day mostly Sativa plant, can't be bad, thanks Sensi and the Dronkers.
  Garden Information for this report  
Bloom Wattage Used410w to 1000w
Average Plant Height60
Plants per Sq. Foot1.50
Average Yield per Plant2.00
Pruning or Plant StyleMixed
Fertilization MethodOrganically fed

2x400watt dual HPS/MH lights with air cooled shades, SCROG Sativas under one, SOG Indicas under the other covering about two and a half feet by five.

Soil/coca/perlite mix using Biobizz nutes (grow/bloom/fish/algamic/topmax) No Mercy supply CO2 tabs, Mycogrow soluble mycoryzhal fugus, Hydrotops triple F microbial activator. Top fed/irrigated every 2 to 3 days with some run off.

Report added by: PerhapsYourGiddyAunt

  Grower Report - Moonshineman II on February 15, 2004, 9:21 pm  

Overall Rating9  EffectSomewhat heady
Potency10  StatureAverage size

I grew out one and a half pack of Mothers Finest, as I knew this strain had 3 phenotypes and I wanted at least a couple of "Keepers"...Out of 20 seeds I ended up with 12 females, 3 or 4 of each pheno..and one Exceptional example of each ..there were quite a few other females that were worth keeping, ...continued

  Grower Report - blackmagicwoman on May 22, 2005, 5:12 pm  

Overall Rating7  EffectVaried effects
Potency10  StatureVery tall and lanky

Okay -- This stuff is so good, it takes being stoned to a new level. Out of the level of being stoned, into something else entirely. I have never smoked a haze before, so maybe that was what I was missing, The high is a trip. It comes on real slow -- almost after 15-20 minutes. First you feel it in ...continued

Marijuana Seeds Review: Sensi Seeds - 'Mothers Finest'