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Schnazzleberry Seeds from Chimera

  Grower reports: 8  Viewed: 188,879 times  Rated by 8 users: 8.03/10
'Schnazzleberry' from Chimera
LineageShiskaberry x Dom
FamilyUnknown or mixed family
OriginNot Listed
RegionNot Listed
GenotypeNot Listed
Indoor Maturation45 to 50 days
Outdoor MaturationNot Listed
Sex PossibilitiesStandard (M/F)
StatureNot Listed
Odor Level10
Odor DescriptionNot Listed
Taste LevelNot Listed
Taste DescriptionNot Listed

  Breeder's Description - 'Schnazzleberry'
Spice of Lifes fantastic Shiskaberry fathers beef up the yield of the odourific Dom. These plants branch well and fill in with potent gland laden flowers. Serious odour control is required for most individuals, especially late in flowering! Yields are above average.

  Grower Report - strawdog on July 20, 2003, 7:45 am  

Overall Rating7  EffectAll in the head
Potency9  StatureAverage size

Schnazzleberry from Chimera is probably the most potent strain from his genetics. Schnazzleberry is a hybrid line from Breeder Steve's famous "Shiskaberry" strain crossed with Chimera's Dom.

Having grown all of Chimera's strains I can safely say that Schnazzleberry is the best one in his entire c

  Grower Report - sensibudz on January 26, 2004, 11:49 pm  

Overall Rating9  EffectCouchlock, body stone
Potency9  StatureSomewhat short and squat

This is the first of Chimeras strains I have grown, and it wont be the last. 5 of 5 seeds sprouted, 3 were females-2 males.

My pheno was somewhat Indica dominant and short. Very vigorous growth in veg; not much stretch in flowering.

Trichomes are very hearty on this plant, and the smell is de

  Grower Report - Sph1nx on January 27, 2004, 10:40 am  
Schnazzleberry from Chimera rated 7.86  

Overall Rating8  EffectNicely balanced
Potency8  StatureAverage size
Yield7  PhenotypeMixed, primarily Sativa
Ease10  Indoor40 to 45 days
Appearance8  OutdoorNot Listed
Odor Level9  Odor: During last days, very strong and pungent
Taste Level5  Taste: Smooth yet spicy on your tongue
Grower's Tilt8  SexesStandard (M/F)
SI RatingNot Listed Vintage: January, 2004

Chimera's Schnazzleberry:

I soaked my seeds for 12 hours then placed them between wet paper towels. 12 of 12 germinated and all sprouted.

***about 30 days or until 1ft tall
This strain was really simply to grow. It loved my nutes, loved to drink and I never had any problems other than spider mites. The plants grow hardy stems within the first few weeks of vegging with proper ventilation. From seed to plant these guys/girls can really grow! Branching was uniform and big Sativa leaves dominated. However slight Indica traits can be noticed in this strain. I'd say this strain held up pretty well against mites too. The plants all grew out pretty much the same, average height but more tall than bushy.

***45 days for all to reach maturity
I was able to determine sex with clear and visible signs such as pistils and seed sacks within 4-6 days. I got 5 females and 7 males. Flowers were only noticeable after 12 days. I'd say the plants really take off after the first week or two of being put into 12/12. The flowers start to have an apparent frosting of trichomes after about 3 weeks into flowering. From there beautiful resinous buds fatten up each day. My plants leaves started to curl inwards (giving a claw effect) with the introduction of BigBud. It didn't really affect the plant more than that...

The Smell:
The smell gets unbelievably strong, especially in the last week or two of flowering. Serious odor control is required if smell is of concern. It smells sort of skunky.. yet fresh or minty too... I find the smell is vary hard to describe and after curing for a week now I find all the jar smell a little differently. Either way, they stink, stink, stink...

The Smoke:
These plants produce some pretty potent buds. I wouldn't rate it as the most potent buds around (I've smoked stronger stuff), but it's definitely not your average smoke. I described the buzz as a well balanced buzz since you can get a lot done if you only take a few pulls off a joint. If you smoke the whole thing expect to sit down for a while. If you smoke more than 3 joints, you are "lights out" so to speak... I found the buzz to be more of a head buzz that's quite heavy. Less of a body buzz yet it can literally wipe you out if you smoke too much. It's also good smoke to call it a night and leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning. I found it hard to watch/follow a movie after smoking a whole joint...

The yield:
I had 3 phenos that had the classic "Christmas tree" effect. Medium sized colas with heavy budding starting from the bass of the colas to the top. Then I had one pheno with huge colas. It had 4 main colas with less bottom budding. Since one plant was rootbound but now recovering... Total yield off of 4 plants was 113 grams. I think I could get more off it if ever I have another go at it...

I had a blast growing this cool strain and would recommend it to anyone.

-Strain is very easy to clone
-Very good smoke for $$$ spent (Great value)
  Garden Information for this report  
Bloom Wattage Used410w to 1000w
Average Plant Height36
Plants per Sq. Foot1.00
Average Yield per Plant1.00
Pruning or Plant StylePerpetual Harvest
Fertilization MethodMix of chemical and organic

Please take a look at my gallary for my setup pics:

Flowering room is about: 6ft long X 3ft wide X 6ft high
Lights: 600w HPS
Light cycle: 12/12
*Air cooled reflector (with seperate air intake/outtake)
*Air outtake attached to huge carbon filter

Veg room is about: 4ft long X 2ft wide X 5ft high
Light: 400w MH
Light cycle: 24hrs
*No odor control

Report added by: Sph1nx

  Grower Report - RoAcH420 on March 8, 2004, 2:54 pm  

Overall Rating8  EffectNicely balanced
Potency7  StatureAverage size



I used the paper towel method for this, 8 of 8 germinated within 48hrs.

Soil Mix: Pro Mix Soil - Perlite - Worm Castings - Blood Meal

Water when needed, used Black Crystal for veggie stage, and used Scotts Bloom for flowering stage.



  Grower Report - High on Fire on July 16, 2004, 5:47 pm  

Overall Rating8  EffectSomewhat heady
Potency9  StatureAverage size

Where to begin... I mashed from her right now.

Well lets see, 4/5 germ I believe, 1 just kind of refused to grow, though I gave it a chance, just died after 5 days or so. The other three grew quite well but always seemed to be really touchy with any PH fluctuation, where it didn't affect any of t

  Grower Report - HighClassHookah on August 29, 2004, 2:33 pm  

Overall Rating8  EffectCouchlock, body stone
Potency9  StatureSomewhat short and squat

Schnazzleberry ranks in the top three of my favorites to grow, and in the top 2 of favorites to smoke.
I do not recall the exact female ratio though I don't ever remember having a disappointment with the results.
While I have 2 Schnazzleberry ladies in flower now, I will account the grow of my fir

  Grower Report - on November 27, 2004, 3:47 pm  

Overall Rating8  EffectNicely balanced
Potency8  StatureSomewhat short and squat

I was blessed to get an extra $300 on a paycheck awhile back, so i decided to spend some of it on some new genetics for the garden.
I wasn't disappointed after all was said and done with this strain.
A very easy strain to grow, very forgiving with the scissors, and over watering, you'll notice i topped

  Grower Report - enjoi420 on October 4, 2005, 12:53 am  

Overall Rating9  EffectSomewhat heady
Potency10  StatureSomewhat short and squat

I started 4 seedlings and all sprouted. Took about 4 weeks to veg them till about 7-8 inches. Then i switched to flowering light cycle and waited for my females to show. I got 2 males and 2 females. (Funny enough i transplanted one male outdoors and it survived all summer without care) The two fe ...continued
Marijuana Seeds Review: Chimera - 'Schnazzleberry'