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B52 Seeds from Nirvana

  Grower reports: 6  Viewed: 273,082 times  Rated by 6 users: 6.72/10
'B52' from Nirvana
LineageBig Bud/Skunk hybrid
OriginNot Listed
GenotypeMixed, primarily Sativa
Indoor Maturation45 to 50 days
Outdoor MaturationOct 15 to Oct 31
Sex PossibilitiesStandard (M/F)
StatureAverage size
YieldNot Listed
Odor LevelNot Listed
Odor DescriptionNot Listed
Taste LevelNot Listed
Taste DescriptionSweet taste

  Breeder's Description - 'B52'
Supposedly derived from B52 (Dutch Passion, Homegrown Fantaseeds).

  Grower Report - tasteOrganic on July 24, 2003, 3:51 pm  
B52 from Nirvana rated 9.29  

Overall Rating9  EffectAll in the head
Potency10  StatureSomewhat tall and lanky
Yield7  PhenotypeMixed, primarily Sativa
Ease10  Indoor50 to 55 days
Appearance10  OutdoorOct 1 to Oct 15
Odor Level9  Odor: Typical Skunk odor, very nice
Taste Level9  Taste: Good, smooth smoke
Grower's Tilt10  SexesStandard (M/F)
SI RatingNot Listed Vintage: Not Listed

The High:
I first smoked B-52 in Switzerland, the first impression was a lasting one. The high is not for the inexperienced. In Switzerland I found myself watching VH1's Best of the 80's, and completely bugged out, I curled up fetal position in my bed, too high to even pass out, heart racing wondering what the hell reefer I just smoked. I didn't smoke alot of it, I wasn't drinking... It was just really powerful.
Later I grew it out for myself and had similar experiences. The high goes very well with music, almost too well. There were many times where I would smoke a bong or two of B-52 and pop in my favorite MMW album, UnInvisible. Half the time I couldn't make it past track 7 before getting so deep into the music that it would freak me out and I would have to stop the CD.
If you smoke after 11pm, you probably won't fall asleep until 3am.

The Plant:
If you HATE manicuring, you will absolutely love this plant. The buds were perfect little nuggets that would just spiral up the colas. It took me less than 10 minutes to manicure the entire plants' harvest, no joke. All of the small leaves surrounding the bud were so covered in resin they were worth keeping.
The plant did stretch a fair bit, but it wasn't too bad. The colas just kept growing skywards until the day they got chopped.
Oh and the resin content of these buds was ridiculous. Put one small dime sized bud in an electric grinder separate the resin from the plant matter, and the ratio of resin to plant matter is just insane. Almost unnatural.
I only ended up with 1 female B-52. Some were killed by varmit, I gave some seeds away, and one went male. The female produced three branches at every node, so it was a bit of a freak. The yeild was not that great, but every single bud, even the smallest, was a keeper.

It's only $15 for 10 beans, you will NOT be disappointed.
  Garden Information for this report  
Bloom Wattage UsedNot Listed
Average Plant HeightNot Listed
Plants per Sq. FootNot Listed
Average Yield per PlantNot Listed
Pruning or Plant StyleNot Listed
Fertilization MethodOrganically fed

Report added by: tasteOrganic

  Grower Report - NateTheGreat on January 5, 2004, 3:36 pm  

Overall Rating7  EffectSomewhat heady
Potency8  StatureAverage size

I grew this strain side by side with my Pure Power Plant and have been putting off the grow report because I have had my B52 curing and now that I have it out and I'm smoking the good stuff I figure I will lend my report.

When I started this plant I had over 12 plants in veg and 6 were B52. I we

  Grower Report - the kaiser on February 5, 2004, 3:58 pm  

Overall Rating8  EffectSomewhat heady
Potency7  StatureSomewhat short and squat

In this grow, two plants were nirvana Big Buds, and two were B-52s. the B-52 far exceeded the Big Bud in all areas except for numbers of buds.

Each B-52 had a small number of good sized buds, topped by one almighty cola, nestled in the middle of my scrog.
when smoking this baby, you have to ensu

  Grower Report - corporatebeast on March 3, 2004, 8:08 pm  

Overall Rating8  EffectAll in the head
Potency10  StatureVery short and squat

I was very impressed with the ease of this grow. From germination to harvest I didn't encounter a single problem other than one hermaphrodite which occurred too late into the flowering cycle to effect any of the other plants. This entire grow was conducted under a combination of soft white and warm ...continued

  Grower Report - turkish_smoker on May 20, 2004, 5:35 pm  

Overall Rating8  EffectNicely balanced
Potency9  StatureSomewhat short and squat

I bought the B52 seeds from SD shop when I was in a'dam. I was looking for some "not-too-expensive" type of sativa taste seeds. B52 (Nirvana) was on my list because of the good comments I read on this StrainGuide. Well, it turned out to be true. An excellent strain, well worth the $15 and doesn't se ...continued

  Grower Report - Orius on May 22, 2005, 6:00 pm  

Overall Rating9  EffectNicely balanced
Potency10  StatureSomewhat tall and lanky

This was a first time grow, so the efficiency of the garden wasn't that spectacular, however I will be making improvements for future grows.

B-52 was a good plant to start with, since it taught my valuable lessons both in regards to Sativa and Indica traits. I gave it an ease score of 7 because o

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Marijuana Seeds Review: Nirvana - 'B52'