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AK48 Seeds from Nirvana

  Grower reports: 16  Viewed: 346,497 times  Rated by 16 users: 6.89/10
'AK48' from Nirvana
FamilyUnknown or mixed family
OriginNot Listed
GenotypeMixed, Indica / Sativa
Indoor Maturation50 to 55 days
Outdoor MaturationNov 1 to Nov 15
Sex PossibilitiesStandard (M/F)
StatureVery short and squat
Odor LevelNot Listed
Odor DescriptionNot Listed
Taste LevelNot Listed
Taste DescriptionNot Listed

  Breeder's Description - 'AK48'
Supposedly derived from AK 47 (Serious Seeds).

  Grower Report - R00tH4x0r on August 20, 2003, 3:27 pm  

Overall Rating9  EffectSomewhat heady
Potency9  StatureAverage size

AK-48 as Nirvana now call it was a cinch to grow - a hungry grower which was fast and sturdy. I got 1/2oz from each plant which was in a 1.5 ltr pot (lots of bud for a pot that size). It had a low leaf-to-calyx ratio and took no time to trim. A good commercial and head stasher!

Nirvana AK-48 Ultr

  Grower Report - bact on September 10, 2003, 9:31 am  

Overall Rating7  EffectCouchlock, body stone
Potency9  StatureAverage size

Didn't taste very good compared to Northern Lights but potency damn, it's definitely the most potent buds I have grown or smoked. Let it veg for 6-7-8 weeks it gets way more potent, I even got a contact high from it which I never do when I wasn't smoking. It is so potent it makes you slobber and fee ...continued

  Grower Report - dreadz on December 17, 2003, 11:21 am  

Overall Rating8  EffectSomewhat heady
Potency9  StatureSomewhat short and squat

The plants grew very fast, with dark green leaves and a more Indica shape. This strain produces much resin, trim leaves are very resinous, so itís a very good bubblehash producer. The yield is also very good, and manicuring takes little time. I mixed cow and chicken manure, with worm castings to the ...continued

  Grower Report - Crabs on February 21, 2004, 11:58 am  

Overall Rating9  EffectVaried effects
Potency8  StatureSomewhat tall and lanky

8 seeds planted all germinated, I ended up with 2 females; one sativa and one indica phenotype. They were vegged for 7 weeks in soil using organic ferts. It grows fast and produces much better bud if vegged longer, 6 weeks at least, it's very easy to clone, and has a good yield. I also haven't seen ...continued

  Grower Report - ßŗ?Š— on May 30, 2004, 3:23 pm  

Overall Rating8  EffectCouchlock, body stone
Potency8  StatureSomewhat short and squat

Ak48 from Nirvana Seeds was a pleasure to grow, very simple and it seemed if I ever did mess up with over-feeding or missed a watering because I was away the plant always bounced back with nothing to it. I found it very easy to grow and when something went wrong it was very easy to fix and keep goin ...continued

  Grower Report - gizzmo on June 2, 2004, 9:36 am  

Overall Rating8  EffectSomewhat heady
Potency9  StatureSomewhat tall and lanky

I got this strain because I wanted the "one hit wonder". I knew it wouldn't get me stoned after just a hit, but I want to see the strain that can do that to me.


I germed 4 seeds, and they all sprouted.
They grew uniformly and fast, they were a bit different tho, some were more sativa t

  Grower Report - saffatoker on June 3, 2004, 5:17 am  

Overall Rating8  EffectVaried effects
Potency8  StatureAverage size

After a 100% germination I started preparing myself for the worst - lots of good pot!

Grew very well during veg, got 4/6 female which showed sex in the 3rd week of veg. Only problem I had was a magnesium deficiency which was corrected with Epsom Salts. These plants are very hungry growers through

  Grower Report - Cpt.nemO on June 16, 2004, 2:04 pm  

Overall Rating9  EffectCouchlock, body stone
Potency9  StatureAverage size

Hey people, this grow took place one year ago, its just that I never had the guts to do a real report, well there it goes.

When I got these seeds from a friend they were still called AK-47, I believe it is the same strain as today, or at least similar.

Anyways, we grew them in the bush formats

  Grower Report - Luv2blaze on June 17, 2004, 11:38 am  

Overall Rating8  EffectCouchlock, body stone
Potency8  StatureAverage size

I started with 6 and got 5 females! After 1 month of vegging under four 4 ft floro's they went into the cabinet under the 400w HPS for the remaining 2 months. I had them in 1 gallon pots and transplanted into 3.25 gallon trash cans that worked great for the cabinet because of the square stature of t ...continued

  Grower Report - Headcell on June 26, 2004, 3:02 am  

Overall Rating8  EffectNicely balanced
Potency9  StatureVery short and squat

AK-48 grows fast,is compact and packs a lethal punch. This plant was short when flowering was initiated(about 1 foot) and didnt stretch much,it ended up 2 1/2 foot. Buds formed slowly at first, then during the fouth week exploded with multiple piling pistils. Resin production also went threw the roo ...continued

  Grower Report - Kenny dope smoker on July 3, 2004, 8:46 am  

Overall Rating8  EffectNicely balanced
Potency9  StatureAverage size

All seeds cracked in 24 hours, very fast germ rate, popped through the soil after 1 day, seedlings spent 2 weeks under fluoros, then under the 400w MH.

I vegged them for 10 weeks total, tying them down so all the side branches become like the main stem for more yield, as I haven't got much height

  Grower Report - Degz on September 4, 2004, 3:37 pm  

Overall Rating8  EffectSomewhat couchlock
Potency9  StatureAverage size

I germinated 10/10 and lucky enough got 9 females an 1 male all noticed in veg by checking pre-flowers. Gave some away to get sacrificed a few so I could get a few cuttings so I only put 5 into Flower.
Once in Growth they lapped up the ferts I used the BioBizz Range then once they were all roughly

  Grower Report - sense of nature on September 6, 2004, 8:54 pm  

Overall Rating6  EffectSomewhat heady
Potency7  StatureSomewhat short and squat

I started with 4 beans from Nirvana, all sprouted, 3 were female. All three were very similar in Indica appearance & growth. They could hold they're water! Brush up against 1 and you know she is Indica! Nice short nodes developed under my 400w MH. I use organic soil/ferts were provided by pre-soakin ...continued

  Grower Report - sza on September 13, 2004, 7:04 am  

Overall Rating8  EffectNicely balanced
Potency8  StatureAverage size

Very quick growing plants. Germinated 5 seeds, 1 didnít crack, 2m and 2f. The two females were similar looking plants. There wasnít a whole lot of stretch. Despite this being an indica they will get huge if you want them to. Iíve got clones going in a SOG right now and they are looking great.


  Grower Report - Abusive on September 29, 2004, 12:29 am  
AK48 from Nirvana rated 8.00  

Overall Rating8  EffectCouchlock, body stone
Potency9  StatureAverage size
Yield10  PhenotypeMixed, Indica / Sativa
Ease8  Indoor50 to 55 days
Appearance10  OutdoorNot Listed
Odor Level5  Odor: Mild odor
Taste Level5  Taste: Sandalwood
Grower's Tilt9  SexesStandard (M/F)
SI RatingNot Listed Vintage: Not Listed

I wanted this strain because of all the wonderful things I have read about it! It was time for me to try.

Grow: I germinated 6 seeds all showed their white little tails within 12 hrs. I veged them for 30 days. I had no problem with any nutrient uptake with them. The ak likes higher nutrient levels. I saw pre-flowers at day 22 on. I ended up with 3 females. They all grew uniformed in veg. Cloning this plant is extremely easy. You can get roots within 5 days if done right.

Flower: I put the ak in flower when they where about 12 inches tall. In flower I saw two different types of phenos. Their where two, being very Indica like with broad fat leaves. The other being one more sativa with the thinner leaves. The sativa raced to about 43 inches in flower. She smelled the best out of the bunch. The Indicia types stop stretching about 36 inches. They both finished in 53 days.

Yield: The Indica yielded the most each plant dried was 210+ grams. The sativa was very close at 200 grams. I kept two mothers. I couldnít decide on witch to keep.

Smoke: The finished product is a fabulous smoke. To me, it def taste of sandalwood and a little woodies. She is a one hit wonder in my book. I few hits out of your ROOR and you are out all night. I have seen a few experienced smokers complete clam up and twitch on this stuff. I would only offer this to experienced smoker who know what to except.

Final say: I have grown this ak for a year now. I still love it. I will always keep an ak mom in my garden. She is an easy grow and packs a powerful punch.
  Garden Information for this report  
Bloom Wattage Used1100w to 2000w
Average Plant HeightNot Listed
Plants per Sq. FootNot Listed
Average Yield per Plant4.20
Pruning or Plant StyleBush
Fertilization MethodMix of chemical and organic

1000 watt hortilux vented hood, waterfarmer, co2

Report added by: Abusive

  Grower Report - davesmokinpotat420 on October 10, 2004, 2:52 pm  

Overall Rating8  EffectNicely balanced
Potency7  StatureExtremely varied

This was a very easy plant to start. It sprouted in 48 hours and grew fast. Of 5 seeds started 2 were male and 3 were female. I grew them out in HydroFarm/DWC buckets with Flora Nova nutes and Floralicous. Of the 3 female I killed one when a jug of water fell on her, and pulled one up after a couple ...continued

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