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Ras Tafari- the name of a young ruler of the Davidic and Solomonian dynasty of kings.  Ras Tafari is a title given in the language of Amharic, an ancient Semitic tongue.  RAS, translated in english means either governor or prince.  Tafari ,translated, means Peace.  So, now we have a young man of Davidic and Solomonic heritage, given a title of governor, or Prince of Peace.  Both of these are Titles given to Christ, at one point or another in the Biblical Scripture.  People who could see this analogy came to be called RasTafarians.  They followed One from the Davidic and Solomonic line of rulers who was but a child of 12 when he received this Title.  Ras Tafari later inherited more Biblical titles than any other in the history of man on earth.  Most of the world knew him as Haile Selassie.  Interesting enough, the word Haile Selassie, means Power of the Trinity in English.  However, Rastafarians spotted that this man was born in Ethiopia as far back as the age of 12 when he received that title of Ras Tafari.

Rastafarians recognize that the ruling line of Judah has gone to Ethiopia.  They are those who follow the kingdom of God on earth.  The kingdom of God is a government set up with an earthly line of kings from the Tribe of Judah.

Not so different from former days when the 12 Tribes of Israel rallyed around the Tribe of Judah, and the world began calling them Jews.  A peculiar set of people, set apart from the rest of humanity.  Rastafarians are that unique set of jews who have been able to identify the Davidic rulership in the present era, for the whole world to see.

Of course it is a religion, and as such a culture, and therefore, a way of life.

Christ has come for the first time.  The oldest Christan government established on earth was in Ethiopia by a Christian king from the Davidic and Solomonian line of kings.

It is definitely a way of life, which makes some people call it a religion.

First, one must define the word religion - this is where the ambuiguity comes, within the English language.

Being jewish does not necessarily mean you are religious, but it is your religion, nevertheless; your belief system affects everything you do in life and definitely affects the culture that you impact.  Likewise being a rastafarian does not necessarily mean you are religious but since your belief system is different from those around you, it helps to create a new culture of those with that GOD awareness.

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