Date: Sun, 6 Sep 1998
Subject: Re: Personal Message to Bro. Carl from Dennis Ivy (Bro. Ivy's Son)
Sender: CAROLINE <>
To: "Carl E. Olsen" <>

Louv, Brother Carl,

Let perfect Louv and friendship reign, through all eternity, eternity draweth nigh and Goud draweth nigh to thee for the spirit of Louv extols us to be one.  Louv.

Brother Carl, We are now entering the foundation, the teachings of The Gospel, each time we touch anything to do with Louv.  What you need to ask yourself is if the teachings and doings, of Brother Keith and Brother Wally, were pertaining to Louv, within their teachings of Louv and spirituality?

For the knowledge which I have of the personal teachings of Louv from Louva Williams, (I was fortunate to have been grown with him as a child) is, to my knowledge, Father Louva found it very hard to teach me this grace because I was a dyslexic child who had a humanitarian view from birth.  He tried to teach me this grace so that I could remember this faith.

  The grace is as follows:

Our Father we give thee thanks
For this physical meal
To feed us in the spirit
Of True True Jes-us Name
A man Seal Order

Will it please thee Oh G G
To Prevail Our steps and Our doing
Grant us the desire
And let the humble fulfil

Let Our wishes
Be satisfied this day
For the sake of thy Great Mighty
And praised worthy name

Our Imperial Majesty
Emperor Haile Selassie
King of Kings
And Lord of Lords
Conquering Lion
of the Tribe of Judah

Elect of Goud and the
The Light of this Word
King Alpha & Queen Omega
The beginning and The end
The first of a life of A man Seal Order in Melchizedek.

We forever open Our lips Father Jah
And with Our mouths we show forth thy praise
for in the congregation of saints we bless our Lord
allah into thine hands we commit
Our spirit thou art redeem us Our Lord Goud of truth
A man seal order.... The Order of Melchizedek.

So Brother Carl, We are back to the man, the word and the herb.

To answer your first question (the origin of rastafari and link with my father) you would have to look within the grace of the man the word and the herb.

The second question (origin of ethiopian zion coptic) it evolved from the K.O.K which is from The Order of Mechizedek.  Once again, look within the grace of Our Lord.

The third question (the role of louva williams & brother Ivy).  From My Father met Louva Williams, that was when his whole life changed.

The fourth and final question you asked about my father being the resurrected Christ.  The resurrected Christ is Louv himself and he rise in a man and woman so anyone of Louv is of Christ.  It is for a one to know for themselves.  Louv is poor that is why I remain poor.

When my father departed in Papine, he asked before he departed, who would look after his children after making a sacrifice for Brethren universially both black and white.  I was only 13 at the time, my father had 6 children with 2 different wives 2 different homes.  I am the first born child of my father, I also have 2 other sisters Maureen and Naomi.  My Father's other wife was Sister Flowers who had 3 children Trevor, Nola and Kareen.  So when my father asked the question in the camp at Halls Delight, who will look after my children when I am gone for a while, All of the Brethren responded by shouts of "Yes Jah!!   Yes Jah!!  We will look after your children."  Yet after my father departed, we were looked down as total strangers, everyone went their separate ways.  The only Brethren that I can recall who showed a little mercy upon brother Ivy's children was Brother Keith.

I will never ever forget Brother Keith and will always louv brother Keith.  I knew Brother Wally before he was blind and I had a great understanding of that man.

My Brothter Trevor will give you more info about Brother Keith and Brother Wally, I will give other info about Brother Louva and Brother Ivy that I have.  I moved to London in 1982 because I couldn't take the fussing and fighting amongst the Brethren, no more, I now live as a loner with my wife and my new family.  My son is called Manasseh and he is about 8 years old.

Long live Jawbone.

One Louv until I hear from you Brother Carl