From: "MARCIA IVY" <>
To: <>
Subject: Personal letter form Dennis Ivy
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998

Louv Brother Carl

True louv and friendship reign will carry us through eternity, eternity draweth now and Goud draweth now to us.

Pertaining to the questions you asked in your e-mail.

1.  How do you account for the name Rastafari? 

Through Father Louva Williams and his brethren from Kingston St Andrew, known as Ossie Light. In 1966, when I was eight years old, a great king came to Jamaica by the name of Haile Selassie.There was a great celebration, all different kinds of people came out to praise him.  If you look within the teachings of Father Louva Williams to his brethren, saying Oh Father we give thee thanks for this physical meal to feed us in the spirit of true true Jesus name aman selah, will it please thee oh g g prevail our steps and doing, to grant us the desire and make our humble fulfil and let our wishes be satisfied this day for the sake of thy great mighty and praise worthy name gg aman selah we'll die divine and assistants remain us always in the house of Israel, ever remember through thy own name mercy's sake, Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords conquering lion of the tribe of Judah, elect of Goud and the light of this world.  Our Imperial majesty Emperor Haile Selassie, King Alpha and Queen Omega the beginning and the end the first life of a man. Seal Order in a Melchezidek Order. 

If you want to know the depths  of Father Louv and Father Ivy and what is the big mystery, then you would have to know who the Alpha and the Omega and who is Mechezidek the High Priest, you see the thing Goudman.

2.How did it (the word rastafari) come to be used by your Dad?

   Refer back to the previous question.

3.How did it come (the word/name rastafari) to be used by Haile Selassie? 

  He was given that name as a child and then crowned with many other names.

Bro.. Carl, I would like to ask you about where did you evolve with the knowledge of rastafari?  You seem to me to be very in tune with the faith.  Were you a member of the Coptic church?  Is all this great work you are doing research for maybe a book or some other project?  Information and communication is paramount in keeping the faith alive and I am all for revealing the truth that is unknown to the masses.  Just because people ( the majority) do not know of an existence, a truth, doesn't mean it does not exist or is not true. As far as I can see back from Father Louva Williams time up until now, heading for the year 2000.  With all the disputes of who are rasta and who is not rasta and who is goud and who is not goud, it creates a louv crisis.  The whole world right now is hungry for the sacrifice of louv more than they have ever been before.  There are many books opened in the house of louv but the bible seems to be a dilemma to many.  Everything is down to interpretation from the individuals point of view.  To me louv is the power and always will be the power and this is the new name for me right now.  I declare Goud through louv.  One Louv Bro.. Carl.  Goud's will.

One Louv Brother Dennis Ivy. The Binghiman Son who was whipped and beaten, like you would a slave before the congregation of brethren for his first knowledge of sin.  Ecclesiasticus will refresh you of the precepic order of a father to a son.

Louv Bro.. Carl