From: "MARCIA IVY" <>
To: <>
Subject: Personal message to Bro. carl  from Dennis Ivy
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 02:39:23 -0000

Louv Bro. Carl

Louv in the mighty name of Father Ivy, known as Jawbone the backbone.  I read your letter and was glad to hear from you.  You are a fighter in the respect of the true spirit of Rastafari.  Your experiences that you have had, are enough to make you strong. 

Bro. Carl, there are a few very important brethren's left in Jamaica, whose voices are not heard throughout everything.  Winston Williams, who is Father Louva's grandson.  He is based at the Windham Hotel in Kingston Jamaica.  He is a shoemaker and he is a leathercraftsman.  He has a lot of material on Father Louva Williams and Bro. Ivy and Myself. 

Brother Winston also knows a lot of the white brothers and sisters who were at Papine.  Another Binghiman who knew Louva Williams and my father is, Samuel Wright, known as Bro. Fisher.  He lives in Barbican Square in Kingston.  Over in Halls Delight, there is Brother Mitchie, who is one of the oldest of the Niahbinghi Brethren who are still alive.  Brother Rupee, lives at  Sui River in St Catherine,Jamaica.

He also has a base in New York, You can contact him at Zion Organic Roots Inc. 198-07 Hollis Avenue, St Albans, NY 11412. Tel: (718) 464-5675.  Anyone of these brethren, you can use my name as a reference.  Most of us are poor and rely on the little skills we have to survive.  We do not sell ganja, we only use it as our holy sacrament for meditation because the buyer nor the seller can't rejoice. Our soverign rights should only be taken for meditation.  That is why, my father never exported any ganja for material gain.  He never wanted his brethren to suffer in prisons for the material gains of marijuana.  To me that is why they poisoned Bro. Ivy and killed him.  Stand and see, never spoil no dance.  All who thought they were onto a good thing when they neglected his children and his brothers and sisters, and ruled them out of everything, speaking for myself, I was grown up without being taught to read and write.  I was tortured with three times a day prayer, I was tortured to confess my sins.  If I asked for anything, I was seen as a beggar.  I was told many times that I do not act like Jawbone's son.  Bro. Carl I could go on but it would take up too much time.  It would be nicer if we meet in person.  I came to England in 1982 because of lack of education, I had to work here as a cleaner and a porter for 16 years.  I was made redundant so now I make a roots drink called Iv'y Roots, I am just trying to put it together.  It's a health drink the name of it is the 26 combination of natural organic herbs and spices from the hillsides of Jamaica, Bro. Ivy used to make it, it is a non alcoholic drink.  Bro. Rupee, who is Bro. Ivy's cousin does a roots drink in US called Zion Roots. This is how we are surviving at the moment.

Bro. Carl, there are so many things to say, I give thanks that you have opened up yourself with me and I am opening up myself to you also.  As long as I know that what I have to say will be of no danger to anyone, will make me happy.

The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church, I give thanks for it because to my knowledge, it rose our of the KOK but not the KOK throne that is coming form Selassie's  kingdom but that of The Alpha and The Omega in the order of Mechezidek and Father Louva Williams in my opinion would have been the last priest that came in the order of Mechezidek.  Father Ivy would be the returned son from Father Louva himself.  To my knowledge Father Ivy did have the stigmata as you had heard.

Bro. Carl, this is the last bit of reasoning that I would put to you or anyone, pertaining to the Niahbinghi Order.  There is a lot of history that rise out of Kingston Jamaica about Niahbinghi and Rastafari, from the Jamaican people.  Even yourself, who was in America, have a testimony about Father Louva and Father Ivy being the resurrected christ with the stigmata and there are many witnesses to his throne.  To my knowledge, Haile Selassie was not crowned in his own country by his own people as God Almighty but he was given that glory by the Jamaican people.  If you ask anyone of the dreadlocks rastas of Jamaica about the kings of kings and the lord of lords that took place in Jamaica, he will point you to Africa.  Look at what tribulations you have faced through your life yet you have the knowledge of the the Kings of Kings that rise in Jamaica. Yet the Jamaican would still point you to another man who they have no natural history of. This is why I do not get into other discussions of no other levels of rasta until they can sort out what happened in Jamaica, before I think elsewhere.  If you see my reasoning, my brethren, One Louv until I hear from you.

If you would like to contact me by telephone, my number is London 0171 564 0911.

One Louv and Goud's will,  I would louv to come to the US to visit my brother Trevor, so when that time arrives I will connect live and direct with you.  Do you have a telephone number I can contact you on?

Louv until I hear from you.  Goud's will.

Brother Dennis Ivy.