January 21, 2001

Louv Father Jim

Louv to Brian, My Brother, also to your wife and family. Tell her to keep in touch with me. I have tried my best to keep strong and not to walk in the wrong. Father Jim, something's is just destiny don't feel too bitter about Niah Keith and Brother Wally dem. When I say this, I say it with louv for all of Father Louva Brethren and the Old and New Jerusalem.

The spirit that my Father, Father Ivy received which you yourself would have received from Father Ivy, is to have louv with understanding of who louv is. Is louv universally, the louv for humanitarian, the louv of all race and creed and the louv of The Prince of Peace and most of all the louv of mercy, the louv of forgiveness, the louv of the Mother and the Father. This is why we have it the Alpha and the Omega. Kok.

Father Louv represents Melchezedek, The High Priest. Kings, Prophets and Pirates come out of that vine. All bus out a dat. The manifestation of Melchezedek The High Priest, that transmitted itself through Father Ivy, through word, sound and power with the benediction of psalms and chant. The Man, The Word and The Herb take control of the mind, body and soul that not even his own child he is respecter for.

One of the mystical things about Father Ivy, which you see for yourself, is that he never read nor writes yet he artistically wrote words in benediction psalms and chant. He revealed himself through psalms and chant. One of the shocking things for Fathers Louv's brethren is to know that Father Louv was a most intelligent and educated man where reading and writing was concerned. It was a test among man who could read and write to carry a benediction of psalms and chant. It's a three times a day practice, man nuh miss nuh prayer. Those who could read and write could not carry the benediction, not even his brother Bunny, Uncle Bunny aka Techrow.

Father Jim, from my knowledge of Brother Keith, he was a dreadlocks when he came to the faith he was more my Uncle Bunny's brethren than Father Ivy's. If you look at Uncle Bunny's lifestyle, a man who grew amongst Father Louv, he was the man who read the scriptures for many brethren who couldn't read or write. He brought a lot of brethren to the faith and cleaned them up for louv. Brethren like Bro. Keith, Kutman and many others. The day Uncle Bunny draw into the duppy body, he was scorned by all of his brethren, even until this day. All that louv was forgotten. This is where the conflict began and that's where it should end because Uncle Bunny died and is buried in the hills of Ozzie Light along with his brother.

Father Jim, I am glad you were there to bear witness of my chastisement of my first sin. As a 13 year old child and through being poor and in poverty, because my Father wouldn't go out and sell ganja to have money to maintain us, his children. Whilst he was up in the hills having a glorious time with his brethren, my mother took him to court for child maintenance which was a fee of $9.50 for his 2 daughters and 1 son, Dennis, Maureen and Naomi.

When you saw me at camp, when my father introduced me to you, I was collecting money to bring home to my mother. We at that time were living at 54 Lyndhurst Road in central Kingston. My mother lived in 1 room with the veranda where she cooked on. She was a domestic helper who washed and cooked for the white people who employed black servants to keep house. When I stole that $20 from Sister Cynthia, Bro. Nathan wife, I took it and took Brian and David to Papine where I showed them off and made them have a wonderful time. I knew what I was doing, yet knew it was wrong to steal anothers things to bring a glorification. I then was flogged before the multitude with guava and tamarind whips the penalty of a thief. That lesson had made me walk upright. When the thief a come, me see dem, when the criminal a come, me see dem and when the pirate a come, me see dem.

Father Jim, I don't remember if you can recall this manifestation which caused everything to go the way it is. If you can remember when Father Ivy departed on the Sunday night. On the Saturday around midday, a spirit rise in me and I visited Father Ivy around midday, when walking through the tracks of the river bed at Ozzie Light to come up to camp, green morass had filled up the river bed and the river was getting dry and filled with green morass. When I entered the tabernacle where the brethren dem would be, All the white people dem break out in sores, down to the children even yourself. When I asked for my father, I found Brother Rupee at the ackee tree as the gateman for my father who had said that no one could enter until I see Brother Rupee. There was another brother sitting on a big stone near to Brother Rupee, I noticed that the brother was breathing very slow like he was sick. He had a son, a very young son, if I can remember correctly his name was Brother Byah. By this time when I talked to Brother Byah, Brother Rupee saw my father then released me in. This was the first time I saw my father since the beating.

When I saw my father, my father said to me, "You see what they have done to me, After I made great sacrifice, even you my son, I gave them my louv, I gave them the flesh of my bone, they still want me to sacrifice my blood" "My son, you know that I am one of the greatest bush chemists in Jamaica and I don't need a doctor as I can cure myself, I want you to understand that I am going to make a sacrifice, I am going to take death for it because the child of 13 can take a beating for his sin so the big person shall dead for it because the wages of sin is death." His words to me were think right and louv all his brethren dem, everyone of dem. Think right and show respect to everyone cause respect leads the way of righteousness. He pushed his hand into his pocket and said "This last $9.50 I shall give you for the court fee to take to your mother, he continued in return "Never trust Keith to carry this gospel because they are only in it for the money, Keith is the supervisor for the money and he runs a whore ring of girls, so go on and be wise and try and survive among the multitude of sin."

I there saw my father spitting green phlegnn, his eyes were as red as blood and when he spoke it was if fire gashed out of his mouth and is like steam fly out of his nose. I then went into shock at the time, to see my father like that as his son, I there embraced him and he embraced me and I cried. He said to me that when I cried that you shall dry up all the riverbeds in the area. I felt that I wanted to do something for my dad from my heart. His cry to me was for some water. He hadn't eaten from no one since they poisoned him; he has not eaten from anyone. I got a calabash and a bucket and I went up to the head of the spring, where Father Louv's first camp started, it was called Willpit, the river bed at Willpit used to have an emergency spring for when the spring at Ozzie Light dry. I followed the spring; the spring was called Treasure.

Treasure gave me one drop of water at a time, like a heartbeat going tip, tip, and tip and there I sat at Treasure and cried waiting for my cup to be filled. I knew my father wouldn't live at this stage. I took my bucket (it was about half a bucket) to him then gave him the first pakki full of water, he drank and said to me, this is the only thing I will drink and after this bucket is finished, I will be gone. He then said to me that I know that you louv Brian and David why you made that sacrifice, my father and I had a great embrace and laughed and he said to me that he was happy to see that I louved white people as he has louved them. It was then that I felt the forgiveness and that you must never do wrong to get right.

My father and all the brethren which you saw gather together at Ozzie Light, whether dreadlocks or baldhead, they all remember me as I was the only baby that survived at Father Louv's camp as well as Brother Wally's wife, Joanne.

After all this, they had the press, If you can remember Father Jim, the press took photographs of all the white people and the camp. Whatever was reported came out in The Gleaner and The Morning Star with the white people on the front page at the holy tabernacle. If you can remember this incident they then tried to get on the Jamaican Press to pick up your claim to fight for equal rights and justice.

One louv Father Jim, Jawbone stand and see nuh spoil no dance, me put mi cock in a de pot, prack to prack a who thief mi cock. I tell you once, I tell you twice the bone will always be with you. Is only the lamb doesn't come to the slaughter. Give praise for the lamb.

Goud's louv, Kaloka to be see to be seen, Oh thou Almighty Goud Rastafari. Tell Brian, one louv and that I am going to do him another letter. I am on the organic drink train because we are now in the organic age. Its price is more than diamonds and rubies. It's called Ivy's Roots, Zion Roots, and Carl has it on his website.

Binghiman, Brother Rupee sends his louv for you and Brother Ever and many other brethren who know you. I am watching the site daily. This history I cannot miss. We all have a fight to keep the jigsaw puzzle which Keith and Wally set before we. After my father turned his back, Keith, Wally, Samson, Kutman they all created their own gathering at Four Roads Grantspen, Brother Tommy and many other brethren (I don't know if you were among them) gathered at Four Roads in Grantspen after the deportations and after my fathers departure. The ganja hustlers gathered together their body of piracy at four roads; I arrived to visit Brother Keith and the brethren. Kutman came out and told me, "We don't want you here, take this $2.50 and don't come back here cause these are the big man corners." I then moved on to Brother Cool who lived next door to them. I could hear them talking all the time, their teaching and preaching was like this ...Jawbone dead for the sins of the whiteman and they gathered in their bodies of piracy and created faithful village with many springs out of it, they created their little empire of psalms and chant and happily turned the Binghiman Gospel into a church and state movement. We now have the EZCC instead of the KOK, which came under the order of Melchezedek which fight against church and state.

My teachings are not to be respecter of person, when you right you right and when you wrong, you wrong. I speak the truth and this is why I stay in my corner with the truth. I haven't met Brother Carl in person but I louv his spirit. Any information pertaining to Father Louv and the Bone that I remember and you want to know, I will tell you. I am now in the body of musical messenger, I reveal myself through music. Reggae music a Father Louv music. A him start the heartbeat that is the black rod that Bob himself used to beat the wicked. Musically the message will reach to you, to comfort your soul, especially when we are in distress.

One Louv and Goud's will Father Jim, and I know we will meet oneday. It is very cold in England; it is like I am in a deep freezer thinking about the sunshine and all we used to have. To me, England is another part of Babylon; it is an open prison where all the bloodsuckers are here to suck your blood of tax.

My work now is babysitting and boiling roots. It is a big improvement from the past 17 years when I was mopping floors and cleaning toilets because I couldn't read and write so I couldn't get a decent job. Thanks to my wife, who helped me along the way, without her I would not be able to communicate the written word. I know this is only for a time. Brother Rupee has prepared a place for us in JA where the air cleans itself so that we can breathe free and revitalise ourselves. He is there praying and waiting for every one of us.

Give thanks for your letter and your understanding and I am happy that you and Brian are together. My letter is for you both of you still. I would be happy if I could see photo's of you. Let us fill the Ivy's Roots webpage with a challenge of showing great louv and consideration and respect for each other. I will be on that case of louv. Louv to you Brotherman and Brian, my family sends you louv.

One Goud, One Aim, One Destiny.

Louv     Dennis, the Chipping's of the bone...