Date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998
To: "Carl E.Olsen" <>
Subject: Re: Brotherly Louv

Louv Brother Carl, I will answer one more time about this nonsense.  Jim is so quick to point out the Louv that all these white Brothers had and how like little sheep they were led to the slaughter by the keith Wally niggerdom.   I was treated like a King by Brother Jim when my wife and children came to Trelawny.  He helped me over the rocky plains of my soul and comforted me in times of anguish more than any other man did at that time and I will never forget that.  I just don't understand how he could say the things about both Niahs that he has.   I was with these Brethren till the end of thier work on this Earth and was blessed to spend preciuos time with them and found out more about our work here than I had before.   When Niah Keith was near his last breath he pulled Brother Michael to his side and said, nothin fe change go to the east build the church, Louv your brother.  No backbiting.  These Brethren never did anything to make me think evil of them.   Your bitterness is eating your soul.  I carried thought for them before that was part of the test like you said ,"they were human" and made mistakes, yet I know they were Ordained from on high.  I do not hate Brother Jim, I louv him.   Brother Keith and Brother Wally gave thier lives in the service of Louvs teachings.   They are not here in thier bodies to give argument to any of these arguments Man or Woman may have, May Goud have mercy on our souls.  I will close now.  I hope you are all in good health and spirits.  I pray that thier Kingdumb gets fucked every day.  Free the Ganga Free the Man.  louv brother JIM H.