August 31, 1998

Hi Carl,

        I've read some of the remarks that came from people who I thought had some knowledge of what Love (Louv), Truth & Forgiveness meant.
        Let Perfect Louv (Love) and Friendship Reign Through All Eternity!!!!

        Did we miss something here!   What happened to unconditional Louv (Love) and Forgiveness seven times seventy?   Obviously, some were just mouthing the words.
        This judgement, backbiting, hatred, self-centered, high-minded, nasty spirit is not what we learned.  What happened to the pure, holy and loving spirit that I witnessed in the beginning with Brother Ivy?
        Did anyone ever question why everything turned into a disaster?  So much came down on all of us.  First of all Carl, a beloved Brother who gave up his life serving Niah.  That was never supposed to happen.   Time and time again Brothers and Sisters were sent to jail and prison.  Many Sisters had to go running back to their parents for help, because there was no help anywhere else.  Our parents, the loving people that they are, took us in.
        So I say something was amiss.  It all came to an end and we were all sent in different directions to find our way.
        As for Brother Keith, no one loved him any more than Jim and I did.  We lived amongst him and his family from the first, when I was sent down to stay with him on Barbican Road.  Our children played and slept together.   We didn't see our families (no contact at all) for seven years because we were there for Niah.  Brother Keith had a dynamic spirit to draw all kinds of people to him.  But, in being so close to him and witnessing many things, Niah had weaknesses too.  He was human!!  I can't tell you how grievous it was to hear how lonely and sick he was in the end.
        As far as I'm concerned your hair could be a little longer.  You could have the Goud Head clear down to your feet.  You could pray 3 times a day and you can spell your words correctly.  You could wear headties and long dresses (which I think that uncovering your head would be the same thing as cutting your hair and beard, would it not?).  Anyway, its all so physical.  From the time you can't find love for one another and can't find forgiveness (which, remember, we have been forgiven over and over again) then I think we all missed something here!   What happened to truth and especially humility?
        Don't know who gave certain people the authority to pick and choose who is of the spirit and who isn't.  Are we playing Goud now, are we so perfect that we can be nasty towards one another?
        Like, for instance, the e-mail from Piper Gary - Subject Niah Keith.  You call someone a hippie fuck.  I would be ashamed if I were you.  Are we worshipping the Goud of love and truth?  I don't think so!
        Well I'm glad I wasn't chosen to be in your number.  I'll continue to pray to find louv and for who I see, to be humbles to the louv I've been shown.

        Hope all is well with you, keep in touch.

        Subject Perfect Louv and Humility

    Judy Tranmer
    917 20th Ave #2
    Coralville, IA 52241

August 31, 1998

Hi Carl!
        Brian wanted me to send this to you so you could put it on the Internet.  He has been locked up in the hole again.  Guess because of a rumor going around that some prisoners were going on a work/food strike.  They went around and locked down anyone who had anything concerning riots on their records.  He said they locked up about 60 guys.  He couldn't believe it.  He's been taking classes and trying to stay to himself and they still try and find a way to mess with him.  Boy!  I wish I had the means to get him out of there.  He has gone through enough hell!!
        Hope all is well with you.  Keep in touch.
        Jim is fine as always.