June 22, 1998


P 0 BOX 4091

    Good Morning Carl,

        It's edifying that the 'Henry Kissinger of the monolithic Hemp Movement' would ask for my discernment concerning silicon chip implant identification devices as fulfillment of the Mark of the Beast prophecy.   First I want you to know how nice it was to see my letter published in the IOWA NORML Newsletter.  I think that all your questions about 'false hope' etc. were answered in that letter.  I certainly agree with you that the Hemp Movement is not monolithic and that is one reason why it must fail.  The only true monolith is Christ Jesus and He will never fail us.  HE alone is the ROCK and HIS reality is Universal, not another religion.  Most all the major religions share somewhat in the principals which should lead it's adherents to the conclusion that their body ultimately is part of that great monolith and that it is an abomination to allow it to be marked for buying and selling.  "YE ARE THE TEMPLE".  However only the Bible clearly tells us that there will be a system of buying and selling which will require each of us to accept a 'mark' and that to participate willingly in such a system will truly be a choice demonstrating our love for money rather than our loyalty to the one who gave His very life for us all.  Another reason that the organized religion, called "the Hemp Movement", is a false hope is because it places Salvation in the hands of a corrupt human government who might hand out a little liberty, if only enough people are willing to compromise their own values by aligning themselves with millions of others whose only commonality is their lack of faith that God really is in control.  Ultimately all political movements seek a ticket on the Great Titanic and are driven by a zeal we might call Myoptopia.  The 'seeming' success that does take place couldn't really happen without that single pointedness of mind being focused unworthily on the illusion posing as democracy.  But the "success" is only an illusion.  At the end of the day everyone will find that ENERGY/POWER cannot be created, consumed or destroyed.
        It is false hope because it is mis-directed hope. WHERE DOES THE DRUG WAR COME FROM?  Where do these nuclear weapons come from?  The answer in the Bible is that WAR comes from the lust within our bodies (JAMES 4:1), yet we both know from experience that a wide variety of sexual experimentation (to be polite) is considered 'NORML' among those who work to 'ban the bomb' and stop the prohibition of marijuana etc.  They are host to the very virus they work to heal out in the world.  Prohibition is a symptom and not the disease itself.  The only real pollution going on is people who wallow in their own "do-do" (a Tranmer expression).  JESUS gave us the most powerful weapon to fight 'prohibition' and told us exactly how to respond.  If so many believe that marijuana is a gift from GOD and has a special relationship to Christ (and some even say outright it is a spiritual food which brings them closer to the mind of Christ and helps them to align with Divine LOVE & PEACE) then the words of JESUS should be the best advice to follow and not just to print on leaflets for a political cause.   I believe that JIM TRANMER is putting those words into practice and thus stands on the only truly safe ground: "BLESSED ARE THEY WHICH ARE PERSECUTED FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS SAKE: FOR THEIRS IS THE KINGDOM CF HEAVEN.  BLESSED ARE YE, WHEN MEN SHALL REVILE YOU, AND PSRSECUTE YOU, AND SHALL SAY ALL MANNER OF EVIL AGAINST YOU FALSELY, FOR MY SAKE. REJOICE, AND BE EXCEEDING GLAD: FOR GREAT IS YOUR REWARD IN HEAVEN: FOR SO PERSECUTED THEY THE PROPHETS WHICH WERE BEFORE YOU" (Matthew 5:10-12).  His words are for us upon whom the end of the world has come.  They are useless as a political argument because what is happening in the realm of politics, religion and economics was predestined from the foundation of the world.  America is Babylon the Great and like the Titanic it is going down.  I believe that the work that you and many others do is good because it exposes the hypocrisy and wickedness prevalent in this nation who are under the delusion of being free and Godly.  But to incorporate marijuana into the Babylonian system is to rearrange chairs on the deck of the Titanic.   While we were all so preoccupied with our little successes to stop the DRUG WAR we failed to notice that the whole ship is going down.  You asked me why you can't use the machinery like the COMPUTER and the INTERNET to fight back since it is being used against us..?  Because the machinery will totally roll right on over you like a steamroller.  You cannot stop it or contro1 it.  You can only be infected by it.   This is a spiritual war and the machine is completely Satanic.
        "Thou was a God that forgavest them, though thou tookest vengeance of their inventions" Psalm 99:8.
        "Thus they provoked him to anger with their inventions: and the plague break in upon them" Psalm 106:29.
        All these inventions come from the knowledge of good and evil, positive and negative.  The people are not being controlled by logic and things cannot be turned around with logic.  It is emotional, prejudice, ignorance, fear and superstition, which cannot be overcome with logic.  The laws of the land and the U.S. Constitution are irrelevant and the Beast that is now moving in is described in the Bible as totally lawless; THE "LAWLESS ONE".  The MAN OF SIN.  Certain factors are not part of the formula that the "HEMP MOVEMENT" activist considers.  Man himself has a sinful nature.  It should be obvious by now that everyone who smokes marijuana does not automatically become transformed because their motives and aspirations were not the same as JIM TRANMER's and so many others who were honestly approaching HERB with a reverence and a true desire to deal with those troubles inside themselves which plague all men.  But above and beyond all of this is the beautiful simplicity in GOD's plan and its absolute predestination.   Nothing can change the shape of things to come.  JESUS told us what is going to happen on the earth so that we would not be frightened as it unfolds.  In the book of Daniel we are told that the wicked will not understand.  Our wisest course now is to "work out our own salvation with fear and trembling" and forget about effecting 'American' politics.  I have no way of knowing whether any particular person is honestly concerned with that or who is foolishly still clinging to the notion of a 'Greening of America'.  But I can tell you this, AMERICA WILL NOT REPENT.   There will be no "greening", the Evangelist will not bring her back to God, the marijuana activist will not 'free da herb', the technocrats will not fix all her ills, the politicians will not 'build a bridge to the 21st century' and a chip implant won't stop crime and certainly won't stop the earth quakes, tidal waves, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, plagues, pestilence, famine and nuclear war.  America and all her tentacles around the world is going down, the way ROME went down, like Medio/Persia went down, like Egypt went down, as the Tower of Babel fell when they were at a point (Genesis chapter 11) when there was no limit to what they could do with their hands and their imagination & inventions, like Greece fell (left that out).  The whole MARK OF THE BEAST PROPHECY makes the legalization of marijuana in AMERICA and around the world a moot issue.  I don't know how everything is coming down as far as all the questions you asked like about whether we will have an actual dictator, or people will accept the changes for whatever reasons.  I do know that if you took someone from the 1800s and placed them into our world today they could tell you right away that we have been seduced and present day people do not see it because it is coming in increments.   Any good seducer knows that success, the key to getting to that place where you want to be, always is done incrementally.  You don't walk up to a woman and start tearing her clothes off.  According to the Bible (KJV) prophecy (and that is our truest source of what is happening and why) there will come a time when the death penalty will be somehow involved.  Rev. 13:15: "the beast ... will cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed".  You cannot legalize marijuana in America first of all because this is not "America" anymore.   Even if the prohibition laws were totally overturned, the land in which we now have come to find ourselves living is already a police state.  California NORML recently went before the CA State criminal law legislation committee (or some such exotic sounding official group) and CA NORML itself is proposing all marijuana medical patients be placed onto State registries.  When JIM and Brian told me about Brian's girlfriend, who snitched on them, being "allowed" to wear an electronic bracelet and to live at home I immediately thought that she was therefore the unfortunate one as she was wearing Satan's little love bracelet.  This may well be an option later offered to non-violent drug offenders seeking an early release.  Let them implant you with a tracking device and they will let you go home.  That is the type of temptation that will come upon the whole world. Only the Holy Bible tells us very specifically that there will be such a system in the 'end times' and that the nature of the system will be evil.  Advocates of the new age who view that "all religions are the same" are simply incorrect as the Old Testament given to the Jews strictly forbids "placing any marks upon you" or "cutting your flesh for the dead" (Leviticus 19:28; A practice of some of Guy Mounts friends among the native Americans, and a religion MADONNA recently joined).  Of course ultimately all of this is spiritually discerned, but the love of money, power and control are the very elements which tend to render one spiritually sick and blind.  What concerned me early on among those working to stop the injustice associated with marijuana prohibition was that it is necessary to become committed as well as single-minded in order to be "successful".  Once you get well entrenched on that path (or any path) you must keep your eye on the goal, you must become well focused on that goal in order to be 'effective'.  Once that goal becomes well ingrained in your mind your mind you begin to consider the best ways to achieve it and start to learn about a little item that all politically minded people learn and that is called COMPROMISE.  There are more fancy terms as well like "forming coalitions" and infiltrating the body politic.  A belief that here at last is something divine in a container can lead to idolatry in the same way Christians have done with JESUS.  Like demonizing the enemy so that you can allow yourself the luxury of killing, a similar things happens by idolizing any particular object in creation.  AT LAST WE HAVE FOUND SOMETHING CONCRETE, ... SOMETHING WE CAN FIGHT FOR.  And of course someone invariably will quote their mother as saying, "If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything" (?)  ... But if marijuana is a special thing among all of God's creation, and it does seem to be, the way it obviously has helped so many of us to become aware of so very much more of reality, then all the more reason that it can never be accepted or totally set free among a mechanized technocratic police state like the one we find afoot in the world today.  But when legalization becomes the all consuming thing, then as California NORML is currently demonstrating, as well as most of the current state initiatives, success can not even be tasted of a tiny bit without compromise, bar coded identification cards and ultimately chip implants (mark of the beast technology).  Because even if marijuana is DIVINE, that does not mean that it's then okay to rap ourselves with that special banner and walk into the arena of LEGALIZATION.   I cannot tell anyone else what their particular job is on this earth because as far as I know, you, for instance, are doing exactly what God wants you to do and if he desires a different path for you I'm certain that HE will let you know.  The best that I can tell in fact is that you actually do serve GOD because you are defending HIS Creation and testifying to HIS Glory among a people which have completely become dehumanized, separated from the very NATURE of their birth and become a generation "virtually" 'lost in space'.  But if you or anyone actually believes that America just needs a little more tinkering around with the 'prohibition laws' and that surely the politicians and judges have to obey the Constitution and play fair cause after all, the TRUTH is on our side....?   The Bible says that the saints of God will be "overcome" by the beast for awhile (Rev. 13:7) just like Christ was dead for 3 days, it is something we are all going through and it is healthy to be prepared and know that this is not "pessimism" but that the prophecy says we win in the final chapter.  But if God does not supernaturally (or in some way we do not understand) cut those days short (Matthew 24:22), by the return of JESUS literally in the same manner (Acts 1:11) that He left, then all flesh, all people on the earth will be forever destroyed, gone, kaput.  We cannot petition the courts to stop it or vote it away.  It is gonna happen.  And may God richly bless you Carl Olsen (forgive the corny expression) for publishing the letter in your recent issue of IOWA NORML.  What you are reading now is just you and I chatting and I'm sure you can tell the difference in quality.   The other I believe to have been a gift and I honestly believe you will be blessed for seeing that lots of people got to read those words.  As REVELATION opens: BLESSED IS HE THAT READETH AND THEY THAT HEAR THE WORDS OF THIS PROPHECY AND KEEP THOSE THINGS THAT ARE WRITTEN THEREIN.
        As CORRIE TEN BOONE said about the millions killed in China, "We should have told the people that it is possible to be STRONG in the Lord Jesus Christ, instead of telling them that we would be 'raptured' first".   The same is true with the "HEMP MOVEMENT".  Many are filled with the hope of legalization to prevent more tribulation.  It is good to care so much and good as well to do what you can to prevent suffering.  But best of all is telling the TRUTH and helping one another by reminding each other how Christ suffered and that HE will be with us through all of what is coming upon the earth.  Jim said he used to be able to make you laugh when you were in trouble together.  I pray that the same spirit of joy remains with us all during this brief storm.

With lots or "LOUV"

Thanks for sending me the copy of the NEWSLETTER even though my membership has run out. At present we are selling vegetables and crafts along the side of the road. Our income at the moment is unfortunately well below the "Low income" bracket of $15.00 but I'm enclosing a dollar to help cover your postage. Thank you Carl for staying in touch with us.