Brian Tranmer
P.O. Box 905
Genesee Unit
Ray Brook, NY 12977-0300

April 13, 1998

Hey Carl,

It's been a while so I thought I should fill you in on the exciting events that have been going on in my life lately.  To give you a quick run down, I dislocated my shoulder (the same one the DEA broke when they arrested me) about a month ago lifting weights which I'm just now starting to get back to normal.  I barely passed (but I did pass so that's what counts) the pesicide course (it was harder than you might have expected with over 8,000,000 Latin insect species to learn, all the pathogens that plants are susceptible to, geometry & all types of pesticide formulation) due to the lack of study.  I did just start another landscaping and hydroponics program which teaches all about hydroponic growing and landscaping plans.  The teachers are pretty decent, the female that runs the class is a nice lady (sometimes you find some decent ones out of the pack of heartless ones) and the tutor that assists in teaching the class is one of the old pilots from the Nicaraguan Contra thing, way back in the 80s, so he's very knowledgeable (he's also a graduate from Anapolis Naval Academy) in pretty much everything.  Even with all that good assistance I've had some trouble learning lately due to the scum bags here.  You wouldn't believe if I told you what kinds of problems I've had to deal with in the last week.  I won't go into detail but let me just say that it's been some hairy shit.  This Nasty Dread, that's one of the heads of the Rasta Community (he's from the Virgin Islands) came up to me with some bodyman argument (kind of how Apple came to Jeffrey, only this guy's a murderer that's been in prison for 18 years) so I told the Jamaicans and tarnished (the worst thing that could have possibly happened) his reputation.  Anyway I'm sure you can imagine what that's like.
        Now to change the subject an old friend of mine just got a hold of me after seeing my address (his name is Timmy) in your web site.   I've known that the computer was good but I never realized how good until I felt (since he lives in San Francisco) the effects of it myself.  He says that he's been trying to get my address for a few years now.  He knows Little Felix's & Whity David's families but for some reason he never could get my correct address.  One of these days I hope to take up a computer class but they've cut a lot of those kinds of programs out (they've stopped all the Pell grants) because they say that it's just making criminals smarter.  Most of the educational money has been cut because of public outcry that they pay tax dollars to send criminals to college when they can't even afford to send their own kids through college.  One time when I was in McKean I signed up for the Pell grant but it was at the exact time when they cut the program.  Shit you should have seen the stink they made (the local community) when Willie Nelson came and gave a free concert in McKean.
        Well thanks again, and tell everyone you talk to that I said Louv.  Your friend and brother, Brian