Brian Tranmer
P.O. Box 905
Genesee Unit
Ray Brook, NY 12977-0300

May 6, 1998

Louv Carl,

As always it's a pleasure hearing from you, I get a kick out of your Inter-Net reasonings, it's amazing how far you can reach out and the people who come out.  It was nice to hear from Trever, (we lived at the same yards for a while, at Mandeville & Aligator Pond, when we were youths, at ages of 9 & 12.  I'm a few years older than him, but I haven't seen him since then) he sounds like a level headed youth.  I can relate to his explanation of Rastafari being a name for a "Noble Man" and a good leader of people.  It's very hard for me to believe that any man, be it brother Ivy (I knew the brother, of course, I was only five years old when I lived at the little church that Terver talked about, in St. Andrew but still I remember brother Ivy, his brother Bunny and his son Dennis) or Haile Selassie is the resurrected Christ.  There is no doubt in my mind that they were both (and I know that Brother Ivy was a very spiritual man that was also a "Rasta Man") leaders of people.  Certain people have special talents and I believe that Brother Ivy's was leading people.
    Now to jump to your other, on line, anonymous, one way reasoner.   No doubt one of the old (since it was coming from Miami I have some idea of a few people who it could be) hypocrite Coptic brothers.  Obviously he was more concerned with the correct spelling (Love or Louv, who really gives a fuck?) of Louv than the meaning (what happened to "Let perfect Louv and friendship reign through all eternity?
or "Think right, Louv and pray?") of the physical word.  That's why they can't set an example before anyone because they don't know how to show Louv.  I had to laugh when he listed the topic (or subject) as "SIN", and then he didn't even want to identify himself.  What is he hiding behind those nasty (his supposed "Goud Head") precepts of his?  "He who has no sin cast the first stone", you Blood Cloth!!  We will probably never know, for sure, who the hypocrite is because he won't come out from behind the cover (I'm here with hundreds of scum bags with a so called "Goud Head" that don't have one bit of Goud in their hearts, so you can't feed anyone, with a little sense, the idea that hair has anything to do with Goud.  That's a pur physical argument) of his so called "Goud Head".  My father doesn't even know that I'm writing this letter (as you know we're in totally different prisons), but I will present a challenge to this so called "Goud Head" on my father's behalf that if he chooses to reveal himself, and reason, maybe then we can get down to the iceberg of corruption.
    Carl, I hope you put this on your Web-site, I'm sure the anonymous "Goud Head" knows who I am.  I grew up around most of those "Blood Holes" so they can't tell me nothing about being sin free.
    Tell Trever and any of the other brothers & sisters (the ones who will reveal theirselves, that is) that I send my Louv.  Did Niah Kieth or Brother Wally ever sin?  Well I know the answer to that but I want to know if these big "Goud Heads" deal with the truth?  That's the only thing that will set you free!!!  One Louv & Goud bless, Brian