James Tranmer
P.O. Box 1000
Lewisburg, PA 17837

September 6, 1996


I found a few minutes to write a few lines to Tom Harkin.  I don't have much confidence, as you probably know, in either the judicial or the legislative branches of the U.S. Government.  I tried to be brief and to the point and, as you will see in reading the enclosed copy, I did not attempt to employ diplomacy.  It is difficult for me to see any of these politicians, lawyers, judges, etc. as being the least bit compassionate or even attempting to understand people who use herb or advocate the use of herb. If these elected officials sincerely believed that the herb is evil, I could more readily accept their mealy-mouthed stance against its use in any capacity.  But I am thoroughly convinced of their conscious participation in a heartless, esoteric ploy, the goal of which is known by these fraudulent marionettes who masquerade as my representative and who pretend to have my well-being as the motive of their profession.  I know that this is a lie and that they represent the interests of those who have enabled them to achieve the lofty position that is indicated by their particular title.  Pain and suffering are not their concern unless it happens to befall them or their families.   I'm sure my letter will do neither good nor harm for Allen Helmers' tribulation because the political machine is determined to keep marijuana from the people at all cost and these demons will treat Mr. Helmers with the same bloodstained hands with which the have slain so many before him.  I invoked the names of Jake and Tommy because the incident actually took place and because there are warriors in this great conflict who know something about this subject and they are both armed with the spiritual weapons that can make these imposters regurgitate.  When and if they resurrect these dreadful swords of the spirit is a question I am incapable of addressing.  We both know that some elementary exercises in humility and some very real and elementary exorcisms of vanity, pride, and ill-will are required on an individual basis before we can once again proclaim with conviction, "One God for us all."  Judy has spent some time this summmer with many seemingly incompatible spirits from days gone by.  Sisters B_____, E_____, J_____, J_____, B_____, I_____, C_____, A_____, C_____, and probably a few more I cannot recall.  Brothers B_____, R_____, N_____, M_____, C_____, J_____, and I know some others who slip my mind - P_____ and G_____ to name two.  B_____, too.  Plus having talked to L_____ on the phone and having heard about dozens more via the old grapevine.  Several Jamaicans having joined Stevie Kleinschmidt on the journey over yonder.  Judy loved the company of each one and longs to talk and sing with as many more as would be physically possible because she feels a "special bond" with all of these fine folks.  No shit!!  I wonder why?  Could it be that we hold something in common that is magical in its mystery and yet so real to all of us?  We are only depriving ourselves of something holy and divine if we attempt to exclude anyone.  No one need worry.  I can't come just yet, but sometime in May of 2024 I'll be there.  Save me a seat, Carl.  Better get right with God, come and do it now, and at the cross of King Alpha and Queen Omega we lay our burden down!  No one is better than anyone else and, thank God, no one is any worse.  What a glory when we'll all be there.  Have I lost my mind?  I actually do love all these characters, and more.  Keep up the good work. Jim