June 25, 2000

Hello Carl,
        It's certainly been awhile since I've written you.  This is not unusual for me, since I've lapsed in my letter writing avocation with just about everyone.  I'm always thinking about different people and carrying on some feeble discourse with various forks in some deep recess of my imagination, but I seem a bit remiss in actually bringing the process to fruition by performing the gratifying task of writing.  I have caused some degree of animosity in the past and, although I enjoyed stirring up some type of reaction to the written words, I no longer wish to rehash the deadness of that particular history.  The legendary phoenix rose, revitalized, from its own ashes, but somehow we've managed to regress even deeper into the abysmal abyss of fantasy.  I'm only speaking of the condition of our once-dynamic fellowship.  I do realize that many have prospered individually, a few having achieved some rather noteworthy objectives.  This is obviously destiny unfolding.  I cannot disagree with what is.
        I have intended on numerous occasions recently to renew our correspondence but, as you know, intentions produced nothing.  At last, this present situation with Brian's imminent transfer has caused me to cast off the doldrums of inactivity and, at least, express to you my thanks for your efforts in our behalf.  Your determined struggles over the last decade have rendered you a force on the political landscape, and I am more than pleased with the reverberations which thus far have resulted from your letter to Senator Harkin explaining our plight.  I do not know what the end of the matter will be.  I do know that what has transpired to date is far more than I could ever have expected and the prognosis promises hope.  At this time, my singular prominent prayer is that Brian will be re-designated here with me.  You know I hold ever suspicion and distrust of the political system, and I have never pursued a political conveyance to deal with any of the numerous problems that life has presented to me.  Your stature may affect this situation in an exceedingly gratifying manner for me.  I thank you most sincerely.
        I have a seemingly preposterous plan that I've been contemplating for about the past year.  Of course, I would need a fair amount of guidance and information from you if or when I actually carry out my musings.  The crux would be to sue the United States and various minion agencies and companies for waging a knowingly fraudulent and deceitful campaign against the herb, specifically, and, generally, against those who use it for spiritual/medical/tranquility purposes.  Again, specifically, against me and my family.  The evidence is overwhelming.  Because everything in America, and really the whole globe, is valued in terms of $ or attached $ value, I would seek token reparations of $500 in order to represent that the grievance is not insignificant.  In lieu of a monetary settlement which is not the object of the suit, I require complete exoneration from this ridiculous criminal vilification which has been fraudulently brought to bear against my firstborn and me.  I further require an accord recognizing my ancient herbal ministry and the ministry of as many men and women in the capacity as I may deem possess this heritage.  My intention is not to exalt myself, but simply act as a vehicle to help restore this holy ministry which we know is real (Tommy's Israel) and temporarily dormant, rendered impotent by our own faithless unbelief.  That part won't be in the suit.  I have singular vision.  I love all you've been doing to present your credentials as Prime Minister.
        Love, Jim

    James Tranmer
    Federal Correctional Institution
    P.O. Box 5000
    Pekin, IL 61555-5000