December 12, 2000

Hello Carl,
        Again, it's been ages since I've written to you.  A lot has transpired in my little realm of consciousness in that time span.  Of course, the foremost development has been the Bureau of Prisons' decision to finally reunite Brian and me in the same facility.  This is not something they would have performed graciously or willingly.  Your much appreciated intervention in our behalf produced the desired result.  I am not certain that you realize that your personal plea to Senator Harkin was the key that ultimately provided the impetus for these bureaucratic ingrates to do the humane thing and designate Brian here.  I am grateful beyond expression to you for this act of kindness.  We're enjoying ourselves as thoroughly as is possible under these circumstances, and we are experiencing the restorative power of good humor, laughing unfettered at our own pathetic plight and at the duplicitous nature of some of the characters we have known and continue to love.  Life provides amusement if we can somehow transcend our own vanities.
        The democratic process has finally proved that the people's vote is meaningless in this present scenario and that the powerbrokers masquerading as lawyers and judges will finally decide the outcome of the election that it touted as government by the people.  They will figure our some way to smooth out the dilemma and people will continue to be duped by their "elected" leaders.  Oh well.
        I thank you for the various information you have provided to me about the history thus far in this effort to establish herb in its proper context, whether spiritually, medicinally or any other conception that can be devised or determined.  I am confident that the argument has not yet been presented properly, indisputably.  I do not presume that I, alone, can formulate this presentation.  I do feel that somewhere amongst us this mystery is available and awaits a proper and definitive declaration.  I only pray that when I finally do put together a grievance that it will be firm enough and factual enough to merit some regard in the consciousness of a people whose sensibilities have become diminished by the diseases of our culture and our existence.  I hope to solicit a certain degree of council, guidance, editorial prowess and participation from you in my effort.  I know you have pioneered much of this process to date.  I also am aware that you have obligations and goals which may no longer place such a proposal within the realm of possibility or feasibility.  I do hope to outline some format and get feedback from you.  Please be patient with my deliberate pace because, when I do present something in their court, I am determined that it be of a valid and formative substance that cannot offhandedly be dismissed as some frivolous display of fanatically deranged nonsense.
        Again, thanks for your help and I am thankful to Tom Harkin for exerting his sizable influence.
        Love, Jim

P.S.  I received a nice letter from Dennis Ivy in August.  Both Brian and I replied recently.  This all would not have been possible without your work.  He has a nice spirit, in many ways reminiscent of his father because he remembers the basic message his father gave to us without the commercial incorporation bullshit which muddied the waters of life of which he spoke.

    James Tranmer
    Federal Correctional Institution
    P.O. Box 5000
    Pekin, IL 61555-5000