Re: Police State

Date: 7/6/97
Time: 1:19:01 AM
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I understand that if I didn't use marijuana then I would not have a problem with the law.  My issue is not about me.  It's about all those men in white that I see when I go to visit my friend at the Jester 1 unit in Rosenberg, Texas.  I've seen hundreds of young white, black and hispanic Americans herded up like cattle and treated with the same respect as cattle, thats what bothers me.  I don't partake of any drugs with the exception of blood pressure medication.  The right or wrong "issue" of using any drug is minute when compared to the tactics used to control the "problem".

Because of the work you are doing more Americans are awakening and I'm honored by your reply.  I've only been involved in this crusade for about a year.

Jimmy Green