Re: Police State

Date: 7/6/97
Time: 10:54:58 PM
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I agree that the arrest and conviction of individuals for possession of ganja is a national disgrace.  Because I no longer use marijuana, it's easier for me to focus on such issues.  As a user, the biggest issue to me was how the law impacted on my life.  The law still has an impact on my life, because I would be using ganja if it were legal, but not with the intensity it had when I was still using it.  I still consider ganja to be my sacrament, and an indispensible part of my religion, but I also understand that the United States has declared my religious practice to be illegal.  I'm not sure that making an attack on Frist Amendment Free Exercise of Religion grounds is the way to go with this, since by necessity it requires a division among us (unless of course, every wants to agree that my religion is the only true religion - somthing that's not likely to happen).  Marcus Garvey said it best, "No two persons think alike, even if they outwardly profess the same faith, so we have as many religions in Christianity as we have believers."  Philosophy & Opinions of Marcus Garvey, Vol. I (Atheneum 1977), at page 3.

Sincerely, Carl Olsen