HIM Haile Selassie's love

Date: 8/4/97
Time: 10:49:48 PM
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Greatings Breddas and sistas in the name of the most high JAH RASTAFARI.  Mighty Negus, earths rightful ruler and the light of the world.  Selah.  INI just want to testify of the power of  JAH love and share a poem with the I's.... feel free to e mail I foward at RasDean@aol.com.  ... Jah guidance all...

Jah love is iternal... it is beyond are overstanding beyond our conditions and fears... he gave us the earth he gave us the air the fruits the trees the herbs he gave us each other he gave us the ablity to know ourselves and thus HIM and thus everyone he gave us all irie and clean feelings it is his spirit and he guidance is forever a light to lead I through darkness... selah