I greet you in the name of Louv, the first fruit of them that slept, 
the only Saviour of the world, for it covers a multitude of sins. 
     Having read in your valuable paper, various articles in connection 
with members and other operations of the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church I 
am bound by duty to inform your many readers, as to what the "Coptic 
Church" is all about. 
History of the Church 
     The Coptic Church has been the first, and only true, christian 
church, since the early days of christianity, in the reign of the Roman 
empire.  Since the fall of the Roman empire, and the rise of the British 
empire, its members were taken captive into slavery, in various parts of 
the British West Indies, and North and South America. 
     In Jamaica, the headquarters of the slave trade, the work of the 
church was continued by the great black advocator, Paul Bogle, assisted 
financially by the great William Gordon, to whom millions worldwide have 
paid homage as Patriarchs and National Heroes.  Since the departure of 
these two advocates of black freedom from slavery, the race has been 
manipulated by oppressive colonial governments. 
     The year 1914 marked the end of colonial oppression of the black 
race, and the establishment of the black man's government.  It was in 
this year, that the slave masters of the time conspired against the 
freedom of the black race, and organized the United Nations, a worldwide 
political organization, whose duty it is to deprive the black race of its 
freedom.  Seeing that the black people (who by Bible history is Israel) 
had rebelled against their true Goud, and worshipped the pagan religious 
sky god Geysas, Goud rose up the Prophet Marcus Garvey, to declare to the 
black race worldwide, their rights, nationality, history and the 
declaration of the true and living Goud of Israel, Louv, who is from the 
foundation of the earth (Before Abraham was, I am). 
     The world at large is well acquainted with the works of this great 
prophet, and today the world at large is now seeing the fulfillment of 
his prophecies on the worldwide political systems, which stood in 
opposition to his true spiritual solidarity, of 'Africa for the Africans, 
those at home and those abroad.'  It was the leaders of the world's 
political governments, who opposed Marcus, and later manipulated the 
people by introducing party politics, which divided the people, thus 
causing wars, strife and hatred among the race. 
     Today it is the same political system, which continues to usurp the 
rights of the people, causing warfare and violence.  Each part (so 
rightly called, since they divide the people against themselves) are 
armed with their political gangsters, whose tool of plunder is the guns 
and bombs and other atrocious acts of violence upon a defenseless people.  
During the imprisonment of the prophet Marcus, worldwide politicians were 
able to indoctrinate the people into believing that he was dead.  As a 
result the vast majority of his followers, being hypnotized, returned to 
worship the pagan sky god Geysas, while many held the political belief 
that he had risen as the physical and now deceased Haille Salassie, 
political king of physical Ethiopia. 
     Yet, among his many disciples, was one faithful in heart, fervent in 
spirit, wisdom and knowledge, who like Marcus had spiritual hope in the 
redemption of the black race, as Goud's chosen people.  I speak of Louva 
Williams, a man eminent for his wisdom, and no less so for the genius to 
which not only men of piety, yet the world at large, must today pay 
     Louva Williams is the continuance of the spiritual deity of Marcus 
Garvey, and had resurrected the true name of the ancient christian 
church, 'THE ETHIOPIAN ZION COPTIC CHURCH', first on University of the 
West Indies lands at Mona, Jamaica, then after strong political 
opposition, to Halls Delight, in the hills of St. Andrews, overlooking 
the city of Kingston.  Braving the storm of political harassment, the 
physical building was removed to White Horses, St. Thomas, Jamaica, where 
today it has established a firm foundation, both locally-and in all other 
nations abroad where the deity of Rastafari is being preached. 
     The Coptic Church is not politically originated, and this was firmly 
expressed when we met with the political directorate of the land during 
the period of pre-incorporation.  We support no political organizations, 
pagan religion or commercial institution, seeing that religion, politics 
and commerce are the three unclean spirits which separate the people from 
their Goud.  We declare that guns, drugs, and all implements of human 
destruction are the tools of the worldwide political organization, so 
that the people would continue to fight, morally, against the 
establishment of Goud's peaceful kingdom on earth and thus be 
disinherited in his Paradise. 
     The Coptic Church is the representative of Goud's Theocratic 
government in today's world.  Our aims and precepts are, the teaching and 
spreading of belief in the Bible, the Moral Laws of Goud, the Fatherhood 
of Goud and the Brotherhood of man.  We declare that man because of 
disobedience transgressed the Moral Laws of Goud, whereby he is worthy of 
death under the law, yet through the louv of the father, he sent his only 
son for the remission of our sins, that we would have eternal life.  We 
declare that, in order to partake of this new life, we have to confess 
these wrongs before one another, and thus be forgiven one of another in 
     Because of our non-political stand, the church has received 
tremendous opposition from the politicians, who do not want the eyes of 
the people to be opened.  Through its agency, the police force, the 
church has been severely harassed, victimized and discriminated against.  
Our members have passed through several acts of police brutality, our 
legal properties maliciously destroyed, members falsely imprisoned, 
divine services broken up, and all these atrocities performed upon the 
Church, under the name of political laws and their justice. 
Our Declaration 
     We have no quarrel with them, we know the time has come, and now is, 
when the entire human race must be free from political oppression and 
return to the praise of the true Goud, "I.N.R.I." (I Negus Rule over 
Israel).  We declare that Goud made man in his own likeness, and so man 
therefore in himself is Goud.  Gen. 1:26, Deut. 6:15, St. John 10:32. 
     We declare that the bound duty of man is to praise Goud and live, 
not die.  Ecclesiastes 12:13-14.  We declare that Goud has given man a 
chance to redeem himself from the awful curse of death by choosing life 
through his son. 
     We declare that in order to live we must talk face to face with Goud 
as natural man and reason together.  Deut. 5:4 & 24.  We declare that the 
son of Goud, came in the likeness of sinful flesh, for sin, to condemn 
sin in the flesh.  We declare that the blood of Christ was shed for the 
entire world, and as such every individual has to account for the many 
deeds of shame, which they commit in their temple against the living 
Goud.  We declare that these political leaders are only boasters and have 
no love for fellowman.  Luke 11:39-44.  We declare that the apostles of 
Goud are given power to forgive sins also.  John 20:23.  We declare that 
these rulers of the people are false, and only feed themselves, not 
caring for the people.  Ezekiel 34.  We declare that Goud has raised up a 
plant of renown, so that the black race (known as Israel) would no more 
be consumed with hunger in the land, or bear the shame of colonial 
oppressors any more.  Ezekiel 34:29. 
Offerings of Devotion 
     With offerings of devotion, ships from the isles will meet, to pour 
the wealth of nations, and bring tribute at his feet.  The Coptic Church 
believes fully the teachings of the Bible, and as such we have our daily 
oblations, and offer our Sacrifices, made by fire unto our Goud with 
chants and Psalms and spiritual hymns, lifting up holy hands and making 
melody in our heart.  It would have been an empty void if I close without 
making a few comments on the Church's right to its Sacrament. 
     Herb is a Goudly creation from the beginning of the world.  It is 
known as weed of wisdom, angels food, the tree of life and even the 
"Wicked old Ganja tree."  Its purpose in creation is as a fiery sacrifice 
to be offered to our redeemer during oblations.  The political worldwide 
organizations have framed mischief on it and call it drugs.  To show that 
it is not a dangerous drug, let me inform my readers that it is used as 
food for mankind, and is still cooked as callalloo, and is used as a 
medicinal cure for all divers diseases.  Ganja is not for commerce, yet 
because of the oppression on the people, it was raised up at the only 
liberator of the people, and the only peacemaker among the entire 
generation.  Ganja is the sacramental rights of every black man worldwide 
and any laws against it is only the organized conspiracy of the United 
Nations and the political governments worldwide who assist in maintaining 
this conspiracy.  Let them know this is our liberation, let us all unite, 
for Ethiopia sons and daughters win this fight. 
     I do not wish to weary your patience, yet in closing let me bring to 
memory these words of a well known chant, and hope that as many as read 
these words, will be inspired to seek the truth from those who have 
suffered, and in doing so will revive their moral consciousness. 
Ethiopia the land of our father, 
The land where all gods louv to be, 
Each swiftly to all sudden gather, 
His children are gathered to thee. 
With our red, gold and green floating over, 
Our emperor shield us from wrong 
With our Goud and our future before us: 
We hail, and we shout and we chant. 
Goud bless, Goud bless, our Negus I, 
Who keep Ethiopia free 
To advance with truth and right 
To advance with louv and light 
With righteousness leading, we hail to his call 
Humanity pleading, one Goud for us all 
Ethiopia the tyrant is falling 
Who smote thee upon our knees 
And our children are lustily calling 
Over the distant seas 
Jehovah the great one, art near us 
He has noticed our sigh and our tear, 
With the spirit of Louv he has stirred us; 
To be one in this coming year. 
Goud bless, Goud bless, our Negus I, 
Who keep Ethiopia free 
To advance with truth and right; 
To advance with louv and light 
With righteousness leading, we hail to his call. 
Humanity pleading, one Goud for us all. 
Jehovah the Goud of our ages, 
Grant unto us a son, that we needed. 
The wisdom thou gave to his ages 
And Israel is now in need; 
Thy voice through the dim past was spoken, 
Ethiopia now stretch forth her hands; 
And by thee all those barriers been broken! 
And Zion bless our dear father's land. 
Goud bless, Goud bless, our Negus I, 
Who keep Ethiopia free; 
To advance with truth and right! 
To advance with louv and light. 
With righteousness leading, we hail to his call 
Humanity pleading, one Goud for us all. 
     We sincerely trust that this review of our history, will prove 
worthwhile to the lost sheep of Israel, who have gone astray, knowing 
their King and Redeemer has made his appearance, not as a Lamb this time, 
yet as a frowning judge, to pay every man according to his work. 
     Thanking you for your past visit, and looking forward to seeing you 
                         Yours in the Master's service, 
                         Elder Walter Wells 
                         (Eld) Walter M. Wells - Spiritual Leader 
                         ETHIOPIAN ZION COPTIC CHURCH INC. 
P.S.  The Coptic Church is a covenant of four hundred and thirty years 
which cannot be dis-annulled.  We spent one hundred and thirty years 
under slavery building the Panama Canal and three hundred years under 
colonial oppression.  The rest of the time they rule over us is borrowed 
time.  It is now the people's time and Coptic is the church of the living 
man, the gatherer of the people.  It is Coptic time now. 
                                        W. Wells 
Reprinted by Carl E. Olsen 
Post Office Box 4091 
Des Moines, Iowa 50333 
(515) 288-5798