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Carl Olsen's Marijuana Archive
Roderick T. Harvey
Saline County Jail
Harrisburg, IL 62946

March 22, 1996

Dear Carl,

     It's been awhile since I wrote to you; in fact, it was in
January.  At that time you made some copies of several of my
writings (which didn't come out too good on your scanner and
laser printer, but I thank you very much nonetheless), and you
also contacted my P.D. attorney, recommending Ed Rosenthal for an
expert witness.  I was so impressed with your concern and efforts
on my behalf, and very enthusiastic about the prospect of Mr.
Rosenthal being a part of my defense.  Unfortunately, the P.D.
was not so eager to have an outspoken proponent of marijuana on
the witness stand, and quite possibly he was right.  I say that
now, after observing to tactics of the prosecutor - Christopher
     Before I tell you about the latter, let me bring you up to
date on other happenings.  A week after your very much
appreciated undertaking to provide me with an expert witness, on
February 6, the day before my jury selection and trial was to
begin, I was very unexpectedly released from jail.  After I
hurriedly got myself well away from the vicinity, I called the
appointed lawyer to see what the heck was going on; after six
months and six days being held prisoner with no bond, to be
inexplicably set completely free with no stipulation whatsoever.
(?)  Wow!?
     I was informed that it was just a mistake on the indictment,
having to do with the dates of my alleged manufacturing of
marijuana, a technicality that would be (probably/maybe) revamped
and I could (would) then be re-indicted.  I was.  I turned myself
in the 13th of February (a very foolish, stupid thing to do under
the circumstances, in view of the fact that I'm a conscientious
objector being warred against by an unscrupulous enemy who does
take prisoners and holds them indefinitely), and even though I
demonstrated good faith, they vehemently refused to give me any
bond whatsoever (again).  What kind of a country (government) is
this?  What about Article VIII of the Bill of Rights?  I didn't
do anything to anybody, I'm just accused of "growing" a harmless,
natural, God-given plant, way back in the woods.
     Well, no longer just accused, - Wednesday (two days ago),
March 20, 1996, I was found guilty by a jury (not of my peers),
and scheduled to be sentenced June 20, 1996.  It took the jury
five hours to decide.  It was very evident that if I had a
competent lawyer I would have been acquitted.  I've already
started preparing my own appeal, on various grounds, including
inadequate representation.  By the way, the expert witness turned
out to be a professor from So. Ill. U., but the prosecutor got
him barred, after he had stated his education, employment and
qualifications, because of Rule 16, the P.D. had neglected to
inform the prosecution of this expert witness.  Incompetence?
(now I go to prison)
     The P.D. told me the trial transcripts would cost me about
$500, so I'll be unable to acquire them until after I'm
sentenced, at which time, apparently, he can get me a copy.  Oh!,
how I wish I had them now, to study, and to show some attorneys
for legal advice.  the public pretender did such an obviously
poor job of defending me.  OK, enough said.

later -
     Oh, one other thing you've probably heard before, the
prosecutor made a big deal out of the fact that they found in
some of my notes the acronym N.O.R.M.L., and the phone number
with the last four digits W.E.E.D. (John Hartman).  All they had
was circumstantial evidence against me, and so they were grasping
at straws to connect me with marijuana and make me look guilty.

March 31, -
     Thank you again, Carl, for everything you've done for me.

April 2, -
     It's been two weeks now since I've been convicted, and I
think I've finally got my head screwed back on about halfway
right, I hope! (phew).  Sorry about not getting this letter
finished and sent off to you, but I'm sure you understand.
     Altho' these preceding pages may seem to indicate the
contrary, I'm really coming along fine Carl.  My emotional well-
being and mental outlook has improved immensely since that first
letter you intercepted last year.  I can't thank you enough.
Admittedly, I've been in a slump, or a touch of writer's block
here for a bit, but I'm out of it now and got the ol' pen
scribblin' like mad.  I have to, I've got a pile of at least ten
letters here I have to get answered.
     Yes, I've very involved in the Reform Movement and the
literature has been pouring in.  I'm getting quite a reputation
here at the jail, I'm proud to say; albeit, I'm more that a
little suspicious that my mail is being tampered with (more than
what is legally permissible).  Can you suggest what recourse, or
action I should take?  If any.
     I received a fantastic letter from Paul Westmoreland last
week, which really helped me to feel like a part of the solution,
the movement.  I want to follow in his shoes (as it were), with
him going as I'm coming.  How I wish I could accomplish as much
as he has.  With his guidance and support, and others', I will.
     I never would have thought it before, but now I really
believe that I can help make a difference.  Even from behind
bars, I'm going to make a difference.  I am astounded at how many
great people and organizations there are working to restore our
constitutional rights and freedom; i.e., the Drug Policy
Foundation, F.A.M.M., M.P.P., Grassroots Party of Minnesota,
Green Panthers!, VOCALs, TEACH, to name a few.  I'm excited to be
part of it.  Unfortunately, I had to have my life virtually
devastated before I woke up, stood up and got active.  I've been
running away from the big war machine since the early '70s.
Well, I'm making my stand right here, right now; I'm ready to
fight.  But I'll fight fair and honest.
     Nobody could believe I turned myself in to the feds.  Not my
friends, fellow prisoners, marshals, correction officers, the
prosecution or task force agents; but I'm tired of running from
the oppressors.  I think I can do more, in a constructive,
positive way, from within prison than I would out there on the
run as a fugitive.  We'll see.  (Paul's got me reading damn law
books every day.)  Wry smile.
     Thanks again Mr. Olsen.  I'll be in touch.
     I see a little light,

P.S. If there's anything I can do for you, NORML, POWs & friends,
please don't hesitate to ask; I'm anxious to do whatever I can.
     "We can't do everything that we want to do, but sometimes we
get so involved in letting what we can't do get in the way of
what we can, that we don't do anything."  - Dr. Joycelyn Elders

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