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American Society for Action on Pain

UI - 000120

AU - Yue SK

AU - St.Marie B

AU - Henrickson K

TI - Initial clinical experience with the SKY epidural catheter

AB - The new SKY epidural catheter was evaluated, based upon information collected about implant and

use of 53 catheters by 51 patients. Catheters were used to treat chronic pain of a malignant (n = 25) and

nonmalignant (n = 28) origin. Of 3450 treatment days, 89% occurred at home. Mean catheter use for

malignant and nonmalignant conditions were 58.6 and 76.3 days/patient, respectively. Visual analogue pain

scores in the first wk after implant indicated 79% of patients achieved good to excellent pain relief. Clinical

impressions indicated this group achieved substantial long-term pain relief. No serious complications were

observed. Two types of leakage required removing 5 catheters, prompting changes that eliminated

subsequent leakages of both types. Accidental patient retraction and subcutaneous infection each required a

catheter removal. No subarachnoid or epidural infections occurred. The SKY catheter proved to be safe and

reliable. Therapy was cost-effective, since patients achieved substantial pain relief while treated at home

SO - Journal of Pain & Symptom Management 1991;6:107-11