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The New York Times September 9, 1934
Would 'Destroy' Woman Held a Narcotic Addict
by The Associated Press.

MONTREAL, Sept. 8. -- A suggestion to "destroy" a woman registered as a narcotic addict was before the Halifax Board of Health today in a resolution moved by Alderman P. A. Gough, veterinary surgeon.

A citizen appealed to the board last night asking that they authorize the dispensary to provide drugs which were " absolutely necessary" to keep the woman alive.

Mr. Gough startled members by declaring that the city should seek legislation to take human life in cases where persons were suffering incurable diseases.

He moved the board obtain the right to "have the woman destroyed."

"I would not make any motion if I had not seen her and understood her condition," the Alderman declared. He said the circumstances were pitiful. "Suffering intense pain, when she cannot secure drugs, she screams and threatens to take her life."

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