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The CPRO Cannabis germplasm collection  

Euphytica 62: 201-211, 1992 

E.P.M. de Meijuer & L.J.M. van Soest

Centre for Plant Breeding and Reproduction Research (CPRO-DLO) P.O. Box

16, 6700 AA Wageningen, The Netherlands 

Received 26 June 1992; accepted 19 July 1992  


A collection of more than a 150 Cannabis accessions is being established as a source for evaluation and breeding experiments. Origin of the accessions and maintenance of the collection are described. 


In an effort to reduce the overproduction of a too limited number of arable food crops, several research programmes dealing with industrial crops have been initiated in the Netherlands. The 'National Hemp Proogramme' investigates the feasibility of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) as a raw material for paper pulp production. In this context breeding, agronomy, mechanisation and processing of hemp are subject of a comprehensive study.

Two previous attempts to introduce fibre hemp in the Netherlands have been reported (de Jonge, 1944; Friederich, 1960). Breeding of fibre hemp in the Netherlands is unprecedented. In the framework of the current programme, improvement of cultivars is considered necessary in order to increase yield, quality, and disease resistance. A collection of Cannabis accessions is therefore being established at CPRO since 1988. In this report, the present state of the collection and its maintenance are described.


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