Do You Remember the Days of Slavery?
PART I: Slavery and the Roots of Resistance
Do You Remember on the Slave Ship, How They Brutalised my Very Soul?
When I Hear the Crack of the Whip, my Blood Runs Cold
Resistance to Slavery in Jamaica
Going Back to Africa, Cause I'm Black
Me No No Quashie
Of the Spiritual World and the Material World
Religion and Resistance
The Armed Slave Revolts
PART II:  From Emancipation to the Morant Bay Rebellion of 1865
Cleave to the Black
CHAPTER TWO: Ethiopianism, Pan-Africanism and Garveyism
The Scramble for Africa
Pan-Africanism and Garveyism
Garveyism and Racial Consciousness
Garvey and the Symbols of Racial Pride
Garveyism in Jamaica
CHAPTER THREE: The Origins of Rasta - Rasta and the Revolt
  of the Sufferers in Jamaica 1938
The Origins of Rastafari
Rastafari, the Black World and the Italian Invasion of Abyssinia
Rastafari and the Ethiopian World Federation
The Capitalist Depression in Jamaica
And the People Rise Up in 1938
The Transition from Colonialism to Neo-Colonialism
Idealism and Materialism in Jamaica
CHAPTER FOUR:  Man in the Hills: Rasta, the Jamaican State and
  the Ganja Trade
Rastaman A Lion - from Quashie to Lion
Hail Jah Rastafari
Are Rastas Violent Cultists?
The University Report
Rasta, Ganja and the State
Outlawing a Popular Custom
Kola Nuts and Ganja
Operation Buccaneer
Coptics and the New Subversion
CHAPTER FIVE:  Rasta, Reggae and Cultural Resistance
Rasta and the Rediscovery of the Cultural Heritage of the Slave
The Roots of Reggae
Walter Rodney's Groundings with his Brothers
Dis Ya Reggae Music - Roots, Rock, Reggae
Bob Marley and the Internationalisation of Reggae and Rasta
Marley in Zimbabwe
Bob Marley, Rasta and Uprising
Cultural Resistance and Political Change
CHAPTER SIX: The Rastafarians in the Eastern Caribbean.
The Nationalist Forebears of the Rasta
The Dreads
Rastas, Union Island and the Sea
The Rastas and the Grenadian Revolution
Rasta, Ganja and Capitalism
Rastas in Trinidad
Rastas, Guyana and the Left
CHAPTER SEVEN: The Rastafari Movement in the Metropole
PART I: Rastas and the Decline of the African
Liberation Support Committee
The African Liberation Support Committee
The Canadian Dimension
PART II: Rasta, the Black Worker, and the British Crisis
The Education System and the Growth of the Rastas
Rastas and the State: The Case of Birmingham
From Shades of Grey to Cashmore's Rastaman
The Shades of Grey Report
Blacks, Rastas and the Prisons
Rasta and the Challenge of the Crisis
Rastafari Women
Whither Rasta? From Cultural Resistance to Organised Resistance
The New Cross Massacre and Uprisings
Uprising in 1981
CHAPTER EIGHT: Repatriation and Rastafari, the Ethiopian Revolution
  and the Settlement in Shashamane
Back to Africa
The Slaves and the Concept of Repatriation
The Sierra Leone Scheme
The Liberian Settlement
Marcus Garvey, Liberia and Repatriation
Garveyism and Bilbo
Rastafari and Repatriation
The Shashamane Settlement and the Ethiopian Revolution
The Unfolding of the Revolution
Rastas, Repatriation and Africa
CONCLUSION: Rastafari : From Cultural Resistance
  to Cultural Liberation



Rasta and Resistance: From Marcus Garvey to Walter Rodney, by Horace Campbell (African World Press 1987), pp. VII-VIII.

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