Ras Iyah Ben Makahna
PO Box 2396
Agana, Guam 96932

March 5, 1997
Carl E. Olsen
PO Box 4091
Des Moines, Iowa 50333

Rastafari Greetings Carl,

InI Giving Thanks and Ises Itinually to Our Lord and Saviour HAILE SELASSIE I JAH RASTAFARI!  King of kings Lord of lords!  Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah!  Earth's Rightful Ruler!

InI am writing this letter to keep everyone up to date in I-man plight access the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (1993).  I was suppose to be in court on February 18, 1997, according to the judge for the beginning of my trial.   This was canceled and as of today March 4, 1997 they have yet to schedule a new day.

Interestingly, I received the enclosed document "Peoples Motion For Court To Set Pretrial Conference Date And Appoint An Attorney For Defendant," on February 15, 1997 from the Attorney General's office.

Also find enclosed a newspaper article titled "Chief Justice: Keep Politics Out" and an amendment to a letter written by one of the local Senators to Janet Reno and the Justice Department.

I hope by now you have received the package of information I have sent forward and have had a chance to briefly go through the material.  As of today I still have received the letter Mr. Highsmith mentioned documenting the dismissal of complaint against the previous lawyers assigned to my case.

The last legal representative assigned to my case Anita Arriola, I come to find out should of never accepted my case due to a conflict of interest.  I come to find out that Anita Arriola's husband Kirk Bellis is a psychiatrist who has a contract with Mental Health to handle substance abuse cases.  Mr. Bellis and Mrs. Arriola are also good enough friends with the Attorney General, Calvin Holloway to have attended a private party in Mr. Holloway's house.

You should know that a person working for the Government of Guam can practice law for two (2) years before s/he has to pass the Guam Bar Association exam.   The local A.G.'s office loses more cases then it wins.  This might account for the reluctance of off-island representation as a means of controlling the outcome of certain cases.  All the lawyers that the court has assigned have been unethical in the application of their practice.  This is why I aggressively pursuing an off-island legal representation be assigned to my case.

Though Guam is a territory of the United States, because 95% of the population are members of the Catholic Church, Guam seem more like Italy or Rome.   This is to say that there is no separation between the Church and State.  The Arch Bishop and local Ministers can be found in attendance for example when the Governor give his annual State of the Island Address.  There was even an article (Front Page Headline) in the local news paper when the Arch Bishop blessed the Governor House after it had been reopen after being refurbished.

As one might consider Guam is nothing but politics.  I might not be able to get a fair trial here on Guam because of the local politics.  This is why I seek off-island representation that will not be swayed by the thoughts of the Catholic Church or the Guam Bar Association.  Guam is in the 9th Circuit District of Guam.

Guam has probably got the most lenient marijuana (ganja) laws in the nation.  Possession of under one ounce is a violation punishable by no more than a $100 dollar fine.  Possession of over one ounce up to a pound is a petty misdemeanor, punishable by no more than sixty (60) days in jail.  Coming through the local International Airport with less than one ounce of ganja, is considered a violation with a punishment of no more than a $100 dollar fine.  The prices of ganja on Guam is probably the highest in the nation that being twenty (20) dollars a joint and $600 an ounce.

Thoughts or suggestion are always welcomed.  Any questions you may have please send forward.  All time and effort put forward is deeply appreciated.   JAH RAS TAFARI Guide and Protect!

Watch and Pray!

Ras Iyah Ben Makahna

E-mail <rasiya37@hotmail.com> or <makahna@m-net.arbornet.org>

PS If you had sent Anita Arriola any text material to be used in I-man case and can list these documents, send forward.  I want to make sure on documentation was included in my case file.  I Give Thanks!