From: Marcia Ivy []
Sent: Sunday, August 08, 1999 3:55 AM
To: carl olsen
Subject: Blessed are the Poor

One louv Bro. Carl once again,

I give thanks and praise that I can communicate with you hoping that the spirit might touch all the brothers and sisters at every corner of the earth.  Even in the desolate places.  The spirit of louv rules us all.

To me Bro. Carl, when I look at all the things that have been said about the gospel which is supposed to be the faith of louv, To me Bro. Carl holding the faith of louv is holding the spirit of louv with the embodiment of christ which is goud himself.

We are all waitng for the spirit to make a move to change things, to make a change in our lives.  This I must ask my brotherman, I am the firstborn son for my father, Jawbone the backbone who lives in me and everyone of the brothers and sisters who received him in spirit.  If they check history and read history right, they must can see that the lamb is not coming back to be slaughtered.  Jawbones' children had to find a way to survive.  My survival brought me to London where I had to be mopping and sweeping and cleaning Babylon's shit [literally for 17 years} in order to enable his grandchildren to eat bread.  The big millionaires of coptic, were living up to their holy psalms and chants, they supped on their ganja pipes they called upon every force in the universe to remember them in their richness but as soon as they ended up poor they end up with a lot of gossip and hearsay, making the gospel of the the nyiabinghi no where to be found.

My brethren and brothers and sisters, I will say this to you, the gospel of louv is about respecting each other, being kind to one another, if we have one loaf of bread we break it for the muiltitude.

As Jawbones son I grew up among the poor like myself, when I go among the rich I am looked upon as a beggar or a pauper, so I was treated that way among the coptics.  Even among the multitude I did some thing as a child and was chatised in front of them but it was the same multitude who disregarded my presence when they got rich.

Oh yes, a lot of them were so holy and righteous about the bone, they saw the bone through every corner of their eyes those who couldn't see with their eyes, seen him in spirit and those who couldn't see him in spirit see him through a ganja pipe.  Some see him through psalms and chant.

Make me tell you something, me nuh see him, me have him, and those who suffered have him also.  This is why my sufferation has brought me great rejoicement to know that the gospel of niahbinghi couldn't come to religion, commerce and politricks.

It is the poor man gospel, goud come among the poor because the rich never wanted to know him.  I'll give you a little example brotherman of what I am saying.  As a little youth man growing up in ossie light camp in Kingston, as a child growing up, among father Louva Williams, when I did something wrong as a child my punishment was I had to kneel down in a corner, somewhere where I could see the brethren coming through the main gate to camp, some used to come with their groceries, to give to father louva, but they couldn't come in.  One of the main things that I noticed also was that when brothers came to the camp, they were not allowed to bring in money or jewellery or anything of value.  It had to be left under a rock stone when you enter and when you leave you take it back with you.

None of these material things were allowed in the gates of the holy tabernacle in father louva's time.  Father louva used the ways of the poor man to rod out covetousness, envy, gossip ,war and strife my brehtren.  He compelled brethren to share among themselves through word, sound and power...  So that when I say " Our father we give thanks for this physical meal to feed us in the spirit of true true jes-us name aman selah, we know that louv is the creator and sacrifice for this grace.

All the people and the children of louv who walk the poorman walk and talk the poorman talk let us embrace each other.  With all the punishment we have endured and pain and sorrow we suffered we have embraced each other throughout with joy and happiness, louv is the only solution to heal our souls in spirit so this is the eternity that draweth nigh.

My brethren jawbone lives strong again my brothers and sisters jawbone lives strong again, once more enter the second city for the millenium it's the gideon time.  The coptic church should not pay no tax but if the ganja makes money then you have to tax it, Zion Roots has to pay tax and it is only a drink.  The new wine for the purity of man's body, so that their spirit can be strengthened still lingers around in the poor man style.

Brother Carl, once again hold strong give louv to Bro. Jim and Brian when you next connect and tell them to hold stong never let go, and to all the other brothers and sisters who are suffering under the wicked laws of men that take away their souvereign rights. Brotherman to the work that I see you are doing, you are entering into the fulfilment of father louva's prophecy and scripture.  Until ganja is free the basic rights of human beings cannot be free because the basic right of a human being rests within the humanitarian order of men so stand and see don't spoil no dance, let us see what a gwaan.

Another reasoning my brethren, For all the Rastafari Organisations who are dealing with back to africa and under king sellasie I movement, it is in their interest to fight for the freedom of ganja as the same way they fought for the freedom of Nelson Mandela.  They have the people power.

One louv until I connect with you again.

Louv from Dennis Ivy