January 15, 1999

Hello Carl,
        I know it has been some while since I've written to you.  I have thought often to do so and even started a couple of times only to postpone the delightful inevitability until just now.  I thank you for your fine efforts in keeping me up-to-date on all of your numerous and gracious spiritual works.
        I liked the tone of your most recent newsletter, exposing the likes of Tom Harkin and his political cronies for what they are.   Though they may be considered to be intelligent in the academic realms and wizards of the legalese jargons of political sorcery, their deeds are evil and they have all sworn a diabolical allegiance against the herb, the herb people and the herb civilization.   Plague them, my friend, with your inimitable perseverance.
        I am extremely delighted by your correspondence with Marcia and Dennis Ivy.  Everyone who bore witness to the event of Ivy's complete revelation in 1970-71 at Papine/Hall's Delight on the island of Jamaica has some testimony concerning that mystical awakening and holds a piece to the puzzle that must be assembled.   Everyone who became a recipient of this majestic authority through the mystical osmosis which subsequently took place holds a like piece in this story that must be told.   The puzzle and the story cannot and will not be complete until the parts are all united as one.  No piece can be omitted, ignored, or forgotten for the mystery to be fulfilled as we know it must be.  All of the frivolous intrigues and devices we may have succumbed to along the way mean nothing and will evaporate as morning dew from the warming radiance emitting from the sons and daughters of the Ivy, children of Louv.
        Part of Ivy's exhaustive teachings in my presence concerning our prayer to our Emperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie was an enlightened explanation of the semantics of pronunciation and meaning.  Sort of like Geezus and Jes-us.  They say Haile (hi-le) [pronounce with: long "i" and long "e"], calling upon the fraudulent coward who beseeched the demonic League of Nations and its present day progeny, the fiendish United Nations, to restore his oppressive, tyrannical regime to power so he could exalt himself as a physical descendant of the line of David.  This they managed to do.  But spiritual claims do not necessarily follow the trek of physical genealogy.  Our prayer is and always will be to Haile (ha-le) [pronounce with: long "a" and long "e"] Selassie, the same Jes-us, the same Moses, the same Ivy, the same spirit that must arise, collectively, in us.  Alpha and Omega.  King of Kings, Queen of Queens.  I am not trying to convince anyone of anything.  I have no conflict with the ropeheads/dreadlocks.   I am relating what I know from my teacher.  Many of the other sisters and brothers could add so much more when they decide to do so.
        I appreciate Marcia's kind words of encouragement and prayers.  I know Bone is with me and I know I am speaking the truth.  I have no fear.  And even though I am in captivity for ganja, I am a free man because I love (I know the semantics of love and louv, but I am free) all of my sisters and brothers and I know we must all arrive at the same choice and happy place that is adorned with wondrous grace.
        When I broach this next point, I do so knowing there is much confusion, denial and diversity concerning every facet of our mutual experience.  I have no animosity toward anyone as I relate what I know.  I do not speak to anyone's shame.  I do not presume to edify because I know that each of us is capable of discerning what is true and we have all had enough experience in this spiritual odyssey to know what has happened, what is happening now, and what must be among us.
        I cannot speak with personal knowledge about Brother Louv (Louva Williams) or those who preceded him in the lineage that produced the revelation that manifest in Ivy.  I can speak about Ivy from my personal experience, about what he taught me and about the spirit I received from him.  I can also speak about Brother Keith, Brother Wally and the experience we came to know as Coptic or the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church.  I also know many, but not all, of the sisters and brothers who have been touched and influenced by these people and these events.  We always pray to the Lord God of Truth and to be fed in the spirit of truth through Jesus' name.  So in this spirit I continue.  Those of us that followed Keith's lead with Wally's later input and role did so willingly and none of us could stand up to their dominance over us, although I have fond remembrances of a few feeble attempts on my part and some by others along the way, thus we all gave support and energy to what ensued.   Many still refuse to acknowledge that something is drastically amiss.  The crux of the matter is very simple.  When I speak of Keith and Wally I also include all of us that "Yes Nyah"ed them for so long in our servile flattery.   Neither Keith nor Wally walked or lived in the spirit that Ivy revealed to us.   They did not accept that all things are viewed according to his authority, that Jesus is the son of God.  They were covetous of his blessing and when he died they proceeded to carry out their own agenda, the result being the EZCC and all of the tragic consequences that have left the brothers and the sisters in the current pathetic situations that now abide.  Marcia's statement is true.  Ivy's legacy was one of love.  To love one another.  That's how the world will know us, by the love we show one for another.  The Coptic debacle was one of lust, avarice, the basest carnalities, envy, and a traumatic renting asunder that remains to this day.  Some try to pretend otherwise and condemn me and others whom they have determined through some nauseating formula of self-righteousness are unfit for Copticism.  Coptic is not eternal and the legacy of Keith and Wally has no part in the covenant we received from Ivy.  The price for sin has been paid and let us not try to limit that ransom.   The most grievous error that we can fall victim to is to despise one of these number whose hopes awakened at the behest of Ivy.  Who can really deny fellowship to these forlorn and beloved souls?  I know that some may try to deny another's holy fellowship but it is a nefarious and tenuous denial without merit, having no substance.   How many times did each of us proclaim, "Let perfect love and friendship reign, through all eternity"?  I'm sort of like an old dog.  I sense feelings instinctively.
        I'll touch on the old Internet dilemma which you commented on in your letter dated 1/1/99.  N. and C. were the dear friends who first told me of the existence of this character Ivy and N. helped to facilitate my initial journey to the island.  They have long been true friends to both Judy and me and have helped us and shown us true compassion many times throughout this friendship.   Keith tried to drive a wedge of bitter judgmental condemnation between N. and me on at least two prolonged periods of Copticism and actually succeeded for a time in each instance but, thank God, something stronger than his bad medicine prevailed.  Dougie has firsthand knowledge of these episodes of nastiness and greed although I've never heard him recount or renounce them after the uncleanness of the dastardly deed was done.
        I did not realize all of our correspondence over these past few years was on the Internet.  I've never used or personally been around this computer system so I seem to be somewhat ignorant as to the implications that it proves to have regarding folks' reactions to the privacy infringement aspects that have arisen.  I do not regret anything I may have said to you in our letters.  I cannot disregard the feelings of our siblings concerning Internet usage so I will refrain as best I can to avoid recurrence and I note from your tone that you also intend to refine your technique according to your own good conscience.
        I personally love your work and know the sincerity of your diligence and the purity of your motivation in doing the various projects you immerse yourself in.  I know your humility and to some degree the depths of your soul searching in these matters because you have honestly shared this with me on many occasions going back to Arkansas when we first began to know each other away from the artificial facades of Copticism.  This story must be told and your endeavors are more productive than anything else that I know of.  I have been contacted both directly and indirectly by many people from my past and total strangers as a result of your works.   I also, like Dougie, have received inquiries from Germany, France, Hawaii, and numerous other U.S. locales about my spiritual perceptions.  Mostly, I do not answer these inquiries, not because I feel a face to face encounter is absolutely necessary but because I feel that "Rachel is still weeping and will not be comforted because the children of Ivy are not yet free."  Not in a physical sense but in the spirit yet to be resolved among ourselves.  We cannot share that which is asunder, torn apart by the schisms of envy, malice and strife.  We are the mistresses and the ministers of the ancient ganja civilization of love without limit but this divine authority will only come to us again in our unity as we progress to the covenant that cannot be removed.
        To me, your website is a great success because I have also heard from many, even if a bit vindictively by some, whom I have not heard from since Arkansas, and in some cases even longer.  I know that you will represent each person's part in this story with the blessed integrity that is in you.  Because you have chosen to abstain these many years from our sacrament in no way diminishes the heraldic nature of the message you so eloquently proclaim.
        Robert and Asia are a breath of fresh air in a very polluted atmosphere and have proven to be my staunchest advocates, accepting me as I am.
        I am always revitalized by your good works and I look forward to any and all activity they may engender.  Be gracious as I know you to be as you proceed.

    James Tranmer
    P.O. Box 26030
    USP Beaumont
    Beaumont, TX 77720-6030