The Des Moines Register, Saturday, January 24, 1998, Page 8A


The truth about Louis Farrakhan?

        It is clear that Richard Cohen's cunning and skillful column was not really about the Rev. Jesse Jackson, but rather about the continuing degrading of Minister Louis Farrakhan.
        For years, Jackson has worked to help economically underprivileged groups to achieve economic parity through the establishment of covenant agreements with some of America's corporate giants (Chrysler, Ford, Burger King, etc.), which has resulted in improved employment and franchise opportunities for blacks, Latinos and women.  So Jackson's move into Wall Street is totally in keeping with his work.  However, Jackson comes into view for not denouncing Minister Farrakhan at the decibel level required of black leaders by outside forces who pay their way.
        Cohen is the same columnist who publicly suggested federal funding be withdrawn from predominantly black Howard University for a $500 donation from the student government association to Khalid Muhammad, while saying absolutely nothing in the way of punishment for scores of white colleges that paid
Muhammad as much as $20,000 per speech.  Speaking of cowards.
        Since Cohen and others are bent on launching their grossly misleading attacks on Minister Farrakhan from behind the secure walls of their media-establishment offices, why not meet face to face with Minister Farrakhan in a televised public forum to prove who is telling the truth and who is the wicked liar?   Let the American people decide for themselves.
        If he in fact is such, it would seem that such a public forum would present the golden opportunity to once and for all expose Louis Farrakhan before the world as an anti-Semite and all the other evil names you call this man of God.
        Minister Farrakhan has repeatedly challenged the world to prove what he says is not truth.  To this date no one has been courageous enough to accept the challenge.  So who's the real coward?

-- Preston Muhammad, Minister,
Iowa Representative,
Minister Louis Farrakhan
and the Nation of Islam,
2105 Forest Ave., Des Moines.

The Des Moines Register
Saturday, January 24, 1998, Page 8A