rastafarianism; ganja use

Date: 7/8/97
Time: 9:49:08 PM
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I'm starting to learn more about this faith.  I just completed a journey through my own spirituality and have realized my beliefs are similar to Rastafari.  The use of ganja has sparked my brain to dig deeper into myself and understand the universe around me.  With my faith and views on the world, I'd like to become a Rastafarian.  My trip to Jamaica at age 9 left vibes on me to this day at age 21.  The spirit and culture inspires me and my art.  The stuggle continues with humanity as certain "devils" are going against the spirit.  I've at a point in my life, become infected by these "devils" by becoming paranoid and skeptic of everything I hear.  Thanks to G.O.D and inner srength, I beat it!  Brothers and sisters please unite or you shall perish!!!  Searching for more info on the subject.  Peace!