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American Society for Action on Pain

UI - 000006

AU - Gillman MA

AU - Lichtigfeld FJ

TI - "Naloxone fails to antagonize nitrous oxide analgesia for clinical pain": Comment

AB - LA: English AB: Contends that the claim of J. D. Levine et al (see PA, Vol 69:6297) that their

investigation is the first in which the effect of naloxone N-sub-2O analgesia was tested in clinical pain is

unfounded since the present authors (1981) had previously conducted a study of chronic pain patients. The

present authors have also developed a hypothesis to explain the paradoxical effects of naloxone on the basis

of a dual system involving both opiate and anti-opiate actions. (9 ref) (PsycLIT Database Copyright 1984

American Psychological Assn, all rights reserved) KP: naloxone; nitrous oxide-induced analgesia; chronic

pain patients; comments on research of J. D. Levine et al AN: 71-18416

SO - Pain 1983;17:103-104