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American Society for Action on Pain

UI - 000222

AU - Aronoff GM

TI - The use of non-narcotic drugs and other alternatives for analgesia as part of a comprehensive pain management program

AB - AB - Chronic pain remains an enigma which mystifies the most experienced clinicians. The traditional

approaches to malignant pain employ narcotic analgesics, radiotherapy, surgical intervention, and

chemotherapy. Within the context of a "therapeutic community" oriented pain unit, we attack this major

public health problem differently. The use of non-narcotic analgesics, mood altering medications, various

forms of psychotherapy (individual, group, family, gestalt, psychomotor) and peer pressure when used in

conjunction with various physical modalities of treatment (including biofeedback, transcutaneous electrical

nerve stimulator, physical therapy, whirlpool, massage, ice, heat, etc.) appear most efficacious. Frequently,

the powerful tools of psychological medicine are taken for granted; yet, depression in the United States is

widespread and so significantly complicates medical illness that any treatment program designed for pain

patients must be holistic in its orientation if it is to be effective AD - Boston Pain Unit AD -Massachusetts

Rehabilitation Hospital AD - Boston AD - MA UI -83084453

SO - J Med 1982;13:191-202