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American Society for Action on Pain

UI - 000009

AU - Jorum E

TI - Endogene opiater og deres rolle i smerte-opplevelsen. (Endogenous opiates' role in pain perception.)

AB - IN: U Oslo, Nevrofysiologisk Inst, Norway LA: Norwegian AB: The recent discovery of morphine-

like substances and their receptors in the CNS has resulted in further understanding of the complex

phenomenon of pain. The endogenous opiates--the enkephalins and endorphins--are richly presented in brain

structures involved in pain perception and emotional behavior. The physiological part played by these

opiates seems to be pain relief in situations of fear and anxiety. Disturbances in the endogenous level of

endorphins and enkephalins may result in chronic pain and psychiatric disorders. Acupuncture analgesia is

produced by a rise in the brain level of opiates, most likely the endorphins, further activating the descending

midline serotonin system from the raphe nuclei known to exert inhibitory effects on spinal pain transmission.

(5 ref) (PsycLIT Database Copyright 1982 American Psychological Assn, all rights reserved) KP:

endogenous opiates; pain perception AN: 68-00559

SO - Tidsskrift for Norsk Psykologforening 1981;18:565-570