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American Society for Action on Pain

UI - 000012

AU - Almay BG

TI - Endorphins in chronic pain: I. Differences in CSF endorphin levels between organic and psychogenic pain syndromes

AB - IN: U Umea, Sweden LA: English AB: Investigated neurologic and psychiatric variables in 37 patients

with chronic pain. 20 Ss were classified as having mainly organic (i.e., somatogenic) pain syndromes, while

17 Ss were suffering from psychogenic pain syndromes. Samples of lumbar cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) were

obtained from the Ss and analyzed for the presence of opiate receptor-active material, here called

endorphins. Ss classified as having mainly organic pain syndromes were found to have significantly lower

endorphin levels than Ss with predominantly psychogenic pain syndromes. In the total group of Ss as well as

in the 2 subgroups, there was a significant correlation between CSF endorphin levels and the depth of

depressive symptomatology as reported by the patients. On the other hand, there was no correlation between

CSF endorphin levels and extent of anxiety or motor retardation. It is concluded that CSF endorphins reflect

central processes involved in chronic pain syndromes. (28 ref) (PsycLIT Database Copyright 1980 American

Psychological Assn, all rights reserved) KP: cerebrospinal fluid levels of endorphins & depressive

symptomatology & anxiety & motor retardation; patients with chronic pain of somatogenic vs psychogenic

origin AN: 63-01246

SO - Pain 1978;5:153-162