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American Society for Action on Pain

Author: Golinski-M-A. Fill-D-M.

Title: Preemptive analgesia.

Source: CRNA. 1995 Feb. 6(1). P 16-20.

Journal Title: CRNA.

Abstract: Preemptive analgesia describes a situation where the administration of a pharmacological agent administered before the onset of a painful stimulus causes a decrease in the intensity of pain felt, and subsequently there is a decrease in the total amount of analgesic required compared with the administration of an agent after a painful stimulus. It is best understood if it is thought of as a block to afferent impulses that are trying to reach the central nervous system before a tissue injury. Preemptive analgesia, administered in the form of narcotics, nonsteroidal antiinflammatory agents, or local anesthetics, is thought to alter peripheral and central sensitization to nociceptive impulses.