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Author: Martin-M-I. Goicoechea-C. Ormazabal-M-J. Lopez-F. Alfaro-M- J.

Title: Analgesic effect of two calcitonins and in vitro interaction with opioids.

Source: Gen-Pharmacol. 1995 May. 26(3). P 641-7.


Abstract: 1. When the analgesic effect of salmon-calcitonin (S-CT) and of eel-calcitonin (E-CT), as well as their influence on the morphine-analgesia were compared, no significant differences were found. 2. While on isolated tissues, E-CT induced a significant increase on the effect of bremazocine, [D-Pen2,D- Pen5]enkephalin and [Met5]enkephalin and no changes were observed on the effect of DAMGO, suggesting that E-CT increases the effects of opioids acting on delta or kappa receptors but not on mu receptors. 3. These findings corroborate the possibility of interactions between calcitonin and the opioid system.