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American Society for Action on Pain

Author: Bushnell-T-G. Justins-D-M.

Title: Choosing the right analgesic. A guide to selection.

Source: Drugs. 1993 Sep. 46(3). P 394-408.

Journal Title: DRUGS.

Abstract: Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience, unique to each individual patient. In the dynamic processes of nociceptive stimulation, signal transmission, central decoding and interpretation there are many potential sites for pharmacological intervention, and there are many drugs which will produce analgesia. An analgesic 'ladder' has been proposed for rational pain relief in cancer and a similar concept should be used in all forms of acute and chronic pain. Continuing research and drug development undoubtedly extends our understanding, but consistent improvement in our clinical ability to relieve pain depends more on our willingness to consider the need of each patient individually, to tailor the drug, route and mode of administration to that patient's requirements, and then to monitor on the basis of the response of the patient to the treatment.