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American Society for Action on Pain

Author: Draznin-E. Rosenberg-N-L.

Title: Intensive rehabilitative approach to eosinophilia myalgia syndrome associated with severe polyneuropathy.

Source: Arch-Phys-Med-Rehabil. 1993 Jul. 74(7). P 774-6.


Abstract: We report a case of the eosinophilia myalgia syndrome (EMS) with incapacitating myalgias, weakness secondary to a severe polyneuropathy, and contractures in all four extremities requiring aggressive rehabilitation treatment. A 55-year-old woman was admitted to a rehabilitation hospital 11 months after the onset of EMS. At that time, she had severe weakness secondary to peripheral neuropathy and painful contractures in all extremities and required high doses of narcotics for pain control. A continuous passive range of motion machine was used in order to maintain range of motion obtained during active exercise therapy. The patient showed functional improvement in basic mobility and ADL skills. She was withdrawn from narcotics and successfully learned pain management techniques. An aggressive rehabilitation approach in the treatment of EMS associated with peripheral neuropathy may improve functional outcome even when instituted late in the clinical course.