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American Society for Action on Pain

UI - 000116

AU - Boogaerts J

AU - Lafont N

TI - [Mechanism of action and clinical use of opioids administered by the peripheral perineural route]. [Review] [French]

AB - Experimental studies have shown that opioids could produce two types of effect on neuronal

excitability. The first one, aspecific, is a local anesthetic action on the nerve fiber with a diminution of

sodium and potassium conductance. The second is specific: the sodium conductance lowering is due to a

linkage of the opioid with a receptor on the internal face of the membrane. Opioids could also migrate to the

posterior horn of the spinal cord after linkage with axonal receptors. Clinical studies have proved that

opioid injection in peripheral nervous trunks and specially in the brachial plexus produce a

prolonged analgesia status in the post operative period but also and mostly in the chronic pain. The

more liposoluble opioids like fentanyl and buprenorphine are the more effective. [References: 52]

SO - Cahiers d Anesthesiologie 1991;39:91-9