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American Society for Action on Pain

UI - 000113

AU - Mendelson G

AU - Mendelson D

TI - Legal aspects of the management of chronic pain [published erratum appears in Med J Aust 1991

Dec 2-16;155(11-12):856]

AB - OBJECTIVE: To review the legal provisions which control the prescription of opioid analgesics in

Australia, and to summarise the areas in which practitioners who treat patients with chronic pain may expect

to become involved with the legal system. DATA SOURCES: The relevant legislation was reviewed, and a

selective review was undertaken of literature dealing with the legal aspects of pain and suffering which may

form a basis for personal injury claims. Case law which deals with issues of consent to treatment was also

examined. DATA SYNTHESIS: Statutory requirements which control the prescription of opioids were

summarised. Leading cases on patient consent were discussed to clarify for the practitioner the principles

which the Courts use in the assessment of the validity of the consent given by patients for treatment. The

assessment of the pain patient involved in litigation was briefly discussed. CONCLUSIONS: The

prescription and administration of opioid analgesics must be in accordance with the legislative provisions.

Treatment options must be discussed and explained to patients so that valid consent can be obtained.

Patients' questions must be answered in full, and documentation in the clinical record is required

SO - Medical Journal of Australia 1991;155:640-64