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American Society for Action on Pain

UI - 000025

AU - Berde C

AU - Sethna NF

AU - Masek B

AU - Fosburg M

TI - Pediatric pain clinics: Recommendations for their development

AB - IN: Children's Hospital Dept of Anesthesia, Boston, MA, US LA: English AB: Adult clinics serve as

models for pediatric pain programs, although adult and pediatric pain syndromes differ substantially. The

paper describes attributes of a pediatric acute pain management program, including involvement of clinicians

with both medical and psychosocial orientations, a cognitive-behavioral program, and rational use of

systemic opioids. Chronic cancer pain management is discussed, and psychological and pharmacological

approaches to chronic pain not due to cancer are considered. (PsycLIT Database Copyright 1991 American

Psychological Assn, all rights reserved) KP: model of pain management program using medical &

psychosocial orientation & cognitive behavioral & opioid treatment; children AN: 78-07772

SO - Pediatrician 1989;16:94-10