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UI - 000081

AU - Hand CW

AU - Ryan KE

AU - Dutt SK

AU - Moore RA

AU - O'Connor J

AU - Talbot D

AU - McQuay HJ

TI - Radioimmunoassay of buprenorphine in urine: studies in patients and in a drug clinic

AB - A radioimmunoassay kit (DPC buprenorphine double antibody) was evaluated with clinical samples

and samples from a drug clinic. Urine samples were collected over a 2-day period from 5 hospital in-patients

receiving sublingual buprenorphine, 400 to 2000 micrograms/day, for the relief of chronic pain. Samples

were measured before and after enzymatic hydrolysis. Urine buprenorphine concentrations were measurable

at all doses studied (minimum value 5.6 ng/mL) and were greater with larger doses. The increase in

concentration after hydrolysis averaged 49% and was similar for all doses studied. The authors conclude that

the method has extensive cross-reactivity with glucuronides of buprenorphine and its metabolites and that

samples may be analyzed without prior hydrolysis. The prevalence of buprenorphine use in 97 patients

attending a drug clinic was also studied. Sixty (62%) had measurable urinary buprenorphine concentrations

of 1 ng/mL or more by direct assay. The buprenorphine users were significantly younger and reported

significantly greater use of opiates than nonusers

SO - Journal of Analytical Toxicology 1989;13:100-10