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Chronic Pain Research References - Table of Contents


Chronic Pain Research References

Advances in chronic pain management since gate control

Choosing the right analgesic. A guide to selection

Analgesia produced by normal doses of opioid antagonists alone and in combination with morphine

Opioid pseudoaddiction--an iatrogenic syndrome

Decision-making in the opioid therapy of cancer pain

The pharmacologic management of pain in children

A framework for management of chronic pain

Lack of analgesic effect of opioids on neuropathic and idiopathic forms of pain

Alteration of opioid peptide circadian rhythm in cancer patients

Impact of non-narcotic oral analgesics on pain management.

Prognostic variability among chronic pain patients

Pain Management Medications

Self-management for medication reduction in chronic low back pain

Serum propoxyphene concentrations in a cohort of opiate addicts on long-term propoxyphene maintenance therapy

Institutional survey of nurse anesthesia practice in patients receiving opioids via patient-controlled analgesia